Why You Need Recovery Points

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Experienced off-roaders know that getting your vehicle stuck is inevitable when traversing rugged terrain.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need one of your buddies or a helpful stranger to pull your vehicle out of a rough spot, having a reliable recovery point will be your best friend. In the age of the internet, opinions are abundant, with a plethora of “How to” videos on recovering a stuck vehicle.

However, one fundamental truth is the importance of a high-quality rated recovery point. While in a pinch, you can find countless videos on YouTube and social media of people conducting recoveries off tow balls, factory tie-down points, suspension arms, bull bars, etc.

These methods may work in a pinch, but unfortunately, some may not be so lucky. There’s a risk that these methods can lead to further vehicle damage and even serious harm to you and others.

When it comes to off-roading, having a proper recovery point, and knowing to use them correctly, will help ensure a more prepared and safer trip. 


Rated Recovery Points 


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A recovery point is a purpose-built connecting point securely mounted to your vehicle’s chassis. Their design and sole purpose are to be used as an attachment point in a recovery situation.

They are mounted to the vehicle’s chassis with bolts, junction welds, or sometimes both. This ensures a strong attachment point for a snatch strap, shackle, and other similar recovery tools.

Rated recovery points are designed to endure both longitudinal and latitudinal forces. By coping with both directions of force, they provide the strength and inertia effect needed to succeed even in the most challenging recoveries.

In comparison, the uneven exerted force applied to accessories such as a  tow-ball will tend to rip right off, potentially causing damage and severe injuries. 


The Difference Of Tie-Down Point And Recovery Point 


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It is a common misconception that the factory tie-down points are acceptable to use as recovery points. The function of a tie-down point is to secure a vehicle during transport. For example, while being towed on a flatbed or for other necessary transportation.  

They are not suited for the forces exerted during the recovery of a vehicle. Once again, it is highly stressed that using the factory tie-down as a recovery point can potentially cause damage and harm to you and others. 


Investing In A Quality Recovery Point Tips

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If your vehicle is not equipped with a factory recovery point, it is in your best interest to invest in a quality aftermarket set. Consider investing in more than one recovery for best results—two in the front and at least one in the rear. Having two recovery points on each side of the vehicle gives you more options for successful recovery. 

Furthermore, two recovery points can distribute the stress and load; this will help reduce the chance of bending your chassis during a challenging recovery.

You put a lot of love and money into your off-road build; protect your investment by investing in a top-quality recovery point.

Hamer products offer industry-leading off-road accessories. Their flagship bumpers such as the King series, King series plus, Prime series bull bar, and Royal series bull bar, provide a robust attachment point for their premium recovery points.

They are made from high-quality steel that measures from 6-8 mm thick and are rated to support up to 3.5 tons. They are powder coated in their signature red finish that provides great aesthetics that will last the test of time.




For serious off-roaders, a reliable recovery point is more than just an accessory; it’s a necessity! 

Ensure quality and professional rating by purchasing reputable brands such as Hamer products.

Hamer products are innovation-leading and provide many off-road accessories to achieve the ultimate off-road build.

From bull bars, and skid plates, to shackles, Hamer has you covered. Visit us on Facebook for more information and to get our latest promotions at: Hamer4x4

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