Why You Need Off-road Light Bar for Your 4×4 Car


Having a weekend getaway into the nature? Or taking a adventurous trip through the countryside? Need an extra light to shine your way through? HAMER would like to introduce you to the HAMER LED Light Bar that would help you make your trip brighter and clearer through the night.


What is Light Bar

LED light bar is a lighting accessories in the shape of a bar, usually installed at the front of you vehicle. It could be installed in the grille, on your front bar or sometimes on your roof. It is often use to create additional lighting for your frontal vision. They are often used together with original lighting of the vehicle.




The Reasons To Install The LED Light Bar 

Knowing it is costly to purchase an additional accessories such as the LED Light bar, it is important to know whether such accessories would be beneficial for you. We have gathered some of the benefits from adding LED Light bar to your vehicle so it might help you to decide easier.

  1. Originally, the car only comes with one pair of halogen fog light. Adding LED Light bar would mean a higher intensity light which would make your night drive much safer.

  2. It is a much newer technology of lighting in comparison to the halogen type lighting. It comes with a brighter light and a longer durability.

  3. LED light bar consumes much less electricity power in comparison to the halogen type.

  4. It has better lighting performance. Should your original light is broken, you need not to worry that your lighting accessories won’t be good enough to bright up the road.

  5. It has lighter weight so they’re undoubtedly one of the first pick accessories for off-roader.

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From all mentioned above, if you’re a driver who drives at nighttime with limited lighting, or frequently travel into the nature for your weekend getaway, we highly recommend that LED Light bar is absolutely one of the must-have accessories for your vehicle. Not only it will make your trip safer, It will also enhance your vision when you encounter with bad weathers such as heavy rain or thick fog.



HAMER offers various types of LED Light bar, depending on its size and power capacity. The starting unit begins with 20” length and 100 Watt, follows by 30” and 150 Watts. Besides different watt power and length, they also come in different color option. Whether it’s white, white and yellow or multi-color, we have got you covered.

The advantage of having HAMER LED Light bar is that the light intensity which shines thoroughly throughout the night. The average duration of HAMER LED Light bar last up to 30,000-50,000 hours. In the package, you’ll find both the LED Light bar and a universal type brackets where you can choose to mount them on your bar or on your vehicle.


HAMER LED LIGHT BAR ขนาด 20-30 นิ้ว

HAMER 20” And 30” LED Light Bar

The famous 20” and 30” HAMER LED Light bar are designed to be compact in size but amazing when comes to their functions. These lights are usually installed through incorporation within the bull bar, installed on top of bull bar or sometimes, installed inside the grille.


50” LED Light Bar

Another popular model of HAMER Light bar would be the 50” curved lens LED Light bar. They’re usually installed on top of your windshield, at the front of your cabin. These 50” LED Light bar compliments the look of an off-road vehicle. This set of light bar comes with a steel bracket where you can install it to the top of front doors. The 50” LED Light bar is very practical when it comes to their utility. They will be able to shine your way through the night despite any level of darkness or any road conditions.

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Always Compliment the Look with HAMER Front Bumper

Interested in HAMER Front bar, but not sure where to install? These LED Light bar will look best on the HAMER King-Series Front bumper/ bull bar. Besides the additional protection from front bar, these HAMER Light bar will add more functions to your vehicle. Having them together would be the best combination in terms of look and functionality for your vehicle.


King series bull bar ford everest 2022
King series bull bar ford everest 2022



KING SERIES BULL BAR will accommodate the LED Light bar right on the middle on the top of the front bar. The LED Light bar will sit in front of the grille to allow the lights to shine brightly for your night vision. Installation is very simple with a few bolts installation.



PRIME SERIES BULL BAR  is another popular model which will also accommodate the HAMER LED Light bar. Unlike King-Series model, Prime series incorporates LED Light bar into the Front bar itself. This results in an integrated look whereby you can see the light bar as one piece with the front bar.


In some regions, light bar could be illegal without a proper cover when not-in-use. HAMER has also taken this into consideration. HAMER has designed an additional cover as a form of light bar loop or steel plate where you can have the LED light bar hidden inside. Not only a better look, but it also gives you a better obscurity of the LED Light bar when you’re not using it.

Despite having so many benefits, HAMER LED Light bar comes with a starting price of just USD 80. Having the LED Light bar equipped on your vehicle will absolutely be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your beloved vehicle, so for those who are interested, please feel free to contact us on Facebook Hamer4x4

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