Why It’s Called Tonneau Cover, Trifold, Roller Lid, Or Truck Bed Cover?

ford ranger with hamer trifold

When exploring truck bed covers, you may come across various terms such as tonneau covers, trifold covers, bed truck covers, and auto roller lids. These terms represent different types of truck bed covers, each with its own unique features and benefits. But why are they called by different names? Let’s delve into the distinctions and unravel the reasons behind these naming variations.


Tonneau Covers

The term “tonneau cover” serves as a broad umbrella term encompassing different styles and designs of truck bed covers. Here are some key points to understand about tonneau covers:



Origins of the Name

The term “tonneau” originated from the French word meaning “cask” or “barrel”. It historically referred to the rear passenger compartment of early automobiles, which resembled a covered barrel shape. Over time, the term evolved to include various coverings for the cargo area of trucks.


Versatility and Style

Tonneau covers can come in different configurations, such as single-piece hinged covers, folding covers, and retractable covers. They offer versatility in bed access, security, and weather protection while providing a sleek and streamlined appearance to your 4×4 vehicles.


Hamer trifold cover


Trifold Covers

Trifold covers are a type of tonneau cover, but they are a specific type of tonneau cover characterized by their folding sections. Here’s what sets trifold covers apart:


Foldable Design

Trifold covers consist of three sections that fold back onto each other. This design allows for easy and flexible access to the truck bed. You can choose to expose the entire bed or fold specific sections as needed.


Convenience and Accessibility

Trifold covers offer the convenience of partial or full bed access. They are particularly useful when you need to load larger items or access specific areas of the truck bed while keeping the rest covered and secure.


Hamer auto roller lid


Auto Roller Lids

Auto roller lids, also known as automatic roller lids or roller shutter covers, offer a distinct design and operation compared to other tonneau covers. Key features of auto roller lids include:


Automatic Rolling Mechanism

Auto roller lids are equipped with a rolling mechanism that allows for quick and effortless opening and closing. With the push of a button or the use of a remote control, the cover automatically rolls up or down to provide bed access.


Sleek and Secure

Auto roller lids not only enhance the sleek and streamlined appearance of your 4×4 vehicle when closed but also provide enhanced security for your truck bed and its contents. When combined with a tailgate lock, your vehicle’s safety is further enhanced, ensuring peace of mind and protection for your valuable cargo.

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Hamer bed truck cover


Truck Bed Covers

These truck bed covers serve as a comprehensive term encompassing tonneau covers, trifold covers, auto roller lids, and other cover options available in the market. Truck bed covers refer to any cover that protects and secures your truck’s cargo area.


The Naming Differences

The variation in names—tonneau covers, trifold tonneau covers, truck bed covers, and auto roller lids—stems from the specific features and functions each type offers. Manufacturers and industry experts use these distinctive names to categorize and differentiate the different styles and configurations available in the market.

While all these covers serve the purpose of protecting the truck bed and its contents, they are named differently to highlight their unique characteristics, such as folding sections in trifold tonneau covers and the automatic rolling functionality in auto roller lids.


Why Use a Tonneau Cover?

This accessory provides protection against the wind and enhances aerodynamic drag, leading to improved motor vehicle efficiencies. Numerous studies have shown that covering the truck bed reduces wind resistance, contributing to better fuel economy and overall performance. Embrace the benefits of a tonneau cover and experience increased efficiency on your journeys.


Can You Walk on a Tonneau Cover?

It’s essential to understand their limitations, especially when it comes to weight-bearing capacity. Soft tonneau covers, including soft folding and vinyl retracting covers, are not designed to support standing or heavy loads. While these covers excel at providing protection from the elements, they are more suitable for lighter applications. If you’re seeking an economical option that doesn’t require significant weight-bearing capabilities, these covers are a perfect choice.


hamer tonneau cover waterproof_2


Are Ute Roller Covers 100% Waterproof?

While some systems offer varying levels of water protection, others may be prone to leaks. For optimal waterproofing of the ute tub, consider a hard tonneau cover, ute lid, or Hamer auto roller lid, known for 98% water resistance.


Which 4WD Accessories Are Essential for Installation?

Installing a tonneau cover on your 4×4 vehicle not only enhances its functionality and style but also requires the use of specific 4WD accessories. These accessories ensure a smooth and secure installation process while maximizing the benefits of your tonneau cover. 

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Mounting Brackets and Clamps

Mounting brackets and clamps are vital accessories for tonneau cover installation, providing a secure attachment between the cover and your truck bed. Look for high-quality brackets and clamps. These accessories ensure a proper fit, preventing movement or instability during off-road adventures.


Tailgate Seals and Weather Strips

For optimal weather protection, investing in tailgate seals and weather strips is crucial. These accessories create a watertight seal between the tonneau cover and the truck bed, safeguarding your cargo from rain, dust, and other elements. 


Bed Extenders and Cargo Management Systems

Consider adding bed extenders and cargo management systems to your tonneau cover installation to make the most of your truck’s cargo space. These accessories allow you to efficiently organize and secure your gear, whether it’s camping equipment, tools, or adventure essentials. With a Hamer tools box, you can secure your outdoor gears, optimize your truck’s storage capacity and ensure a hassle-free off-road experience.


Tie-Down Anchors and Straps

Maintaining cargo security is paramount when using a tonneau cover. Tie-down anchors and straps are indispensable accessories that provide additional support and stability for your gear. Whether you’re carrying bulky items or fragile equipment, these accessories keep your cargo in place, preventing shifting or sliding during rugged off-road excursions.


hamer auto roller lid with remote controller


Lighting Upgrades

When installing a tonneau cover, it’s crucial to consider visibility within the covered truck bed, especially during nighttime or low-light conditions. But they already have the LED light when you install the auto roller lid from Hamer4x4. Enhance your off-road experience with lighting upgrades such as LED light strips or cargo bed lights. These accessories illuminate the truck bed, allowing you to easily locate and access your gear, whether you’re setting up camp or working on your 4×4 vehicle.


Bed Rugs or Liners

To safeguard your truck bed from scratches, dents, and wear caused by cargo, bed rugs or liners are essential additions. These accessories provide a protective layer between the tonneau cover and the truck bed, preserving its condition and resale value. 


Tailgate Assist

Consider installing a tailgate assist accessory for added convenience and ease of use. This mechanism counterbalances the weight of the tailgate, providing smooth opening and closing motions. With a tailgate assist, you can effortlessly load and unload your cargo, making your off-road adventures more enjoyable and efficient.

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Cross Bar with Lock

The cross bar with Lock is a perfect fit accessory from Hamer4x4 when installing an auto roller lid. Its benefits include enhanced stability, increased load capacity, versatile compatibility, and easy installation. These cross bars ensure a secure and stable setup for your 4×4 vehicle, accommodating heavy loads and providing a seamless integration with popular models like Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, and Mitsubishi Triton.


hamer tonneau cover waterproof

Maintaining Tonneau Covers, Trifold, Roller Lids, and Truck Bed Covers Tips


To ensure the longevity and performance, proper maintenance is crucial for optimal performance of your tonneau covers, including trifold, roller lids, and truck bed covers. Let’s explore some essential tips for maintaining these covers.


  1. Regular Cleaning: Gently wash the cover’s surface using a mild soap and soft brush or cloth. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely before storage.

  2. Lubricate Moving Parts: Apply a silicone-based lubricant to hinges and latches for smooth operation and to prevent rust or stiffness.

  3. Inspect Seals: Regularly check seals and weather strips for damage and replace as needed to maintain weather resistance.

  4. Proper Storage: Store the cover as instructed by the manufacturer or use a designated cover bag for protection.

  1. Avoid Excessive Weight and Sharp Objects: Do not place excessive weight on the cover, and be cautious of sharp objects that could damage the surface.  If you need to carry heavy-weight items, consider installing a cross bar for the extra storage place above the tonneau cover.




The term “tonneau” has withstood the test of time and emerged as the preferred name for truck bed covers. Its historical roots, versatile functionality, and wide range of available options make tonneau covers a staple in the world of 4×4 accessories. Whether you opt for a trifold, roller lid, or other variant, brands like Hamer4x4 provide reliable and stylish options to meet your needs. 

Explore the Hamer4x4 website and Facebook page to discover the perfect tonneau cover for your 4×4 vehicle, and you can purchase it either online or offline with the dealers near you in Australia and around the world.

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