Why Do You Need Rear Off-Road Bumpers?

HAMER Rear bumper Do you need one

What do rear off-road bumpers offer? What is their function?  And are they necessary?

For many experienced off-roaders, the benefits of a hamer front off-road bumper cannot be denied. But what are the benefits of a rear off-road bumper? And do you need one?

As we already know, Hamer front off-road bumper offers durable strength and provides valuable mounting points for necessary accessories such as a winch, recovery points, and additional lighting.


Benefits Of Rear Off-Road Bumpers

Like front off-road bumpers, rear off-road bumpers are considerably more robust and durable than their counterpart OEM bumper.

Additional Storage

Like a front off-road bumper, rear off-road bumpers can provide valuable mounting points for additional storage for necessities, such as a spare tire and a jerry can for extra fuel.

Recovery Points

Furthermore, we all know the importance of a strong recovery point when we need our vehicle pulled out of thick mud or a ditch. A hamer front and rear off-road bumper will ensure a reliable recovery point from either the front or the rear, giving you better odds of pulling your vehicle out of a sticky situation.


Increase Angles

OEM bumpers are made from lightweight material and tend to hang down low, increasing your chances of getting your vehicle caught or snagged on uneven terrain during your approach and departure when navigating the landscape.

Hamer bumpers are designed to have more ground clearance. The better ground clearance will significantly increase your angle of approach and departure, minimizing your chances of getting caught on large rocks and other obstructions.

A front and rear off-road bumper will increase your odds and provide better confidence when navigating challenging uneven terrain.

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High Lift Jacking Points

A high lift jack is an incredibly useful tool. This tool is specifically handy on uneven terrain and is a vital tool when off-roading.

A high lift jack is a versatile tool; it will allow you to lift your vehicle higher and safer than a standard jack.

However, these jacks can be dangerous if not used properly. Rear off-road bumpers provide a dedicated high lifting jacking point to lift your vehicle safely.


Things To Consider buying Rear Off-Road Bumpers

Off-road bumpers are considerably heavier than an OEM bumper. They are typically made from hard materials such as steel to provide the durability and strength necessary to handle harsh off-roading conditions.

When doing any modifications, make sure the benefits outweigh the negatives. As the laws of physics suggest, every cause has an effect.

Additional Weight

If you are considering a rear off-road bumper, chances are you already installed a front off-road bumper.

Off-road bumpers are considerably heavier than your vehicle’s stock bumper. Not to mention the extra weight of accessories, a spare tire, and extra fuel.

The added weight can wreak havoc on suspension. The additional weight will affect the vehicles handling characteristics and braking dynamics. This can place more wear and tear on your tires. To prevent this, make sure you perform tire rotations regularly.


How To Counteract The Additional Weight Of Rear Off-Road Bumper?

If you haven’t already upgraded your suspension system to handle the additional weight of your front bumper, it would be advised to do the necessary upgrades to handle the extra weight your vehicle will incur by installing a front and rear off-road bumper.

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Upgraded performance shocks and coils should be your priority. Additionally, upgraded control arms, sway bars, and integral suspension bushings will help manage the extra weight and help mitigate any changes your vehicle will be subjected to due to the excess weight.


Reputable Brands

There are many reputable brands offering durability, functionality, and style.

My personal recommendation is Hamer products. They are renowned for their quality and aesthetically pleasing styles and designs.

Regardless of what brand you choose, make sure the brand is reputable and complies with all ADR standards for quality and safety.


You already know the advantages of a front off-road bumper. A rear off-road bumper can provide you with similar benefits.

They are strong and durable; they provide additional mounting points for necessities, such as a spare tire and extra fuel.

They will increase your angle of approach and departure and provide a strong recovery point for towing. And above all, they look great. Follow us on Facebook: Hamer4x4 

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