Which Front Bumpers Or Bull Bars Are Compatible With A Winch?

HAMER Grey Off-road Truck Front Bumper

In our previous post, we talked about the winch, especially the Hamer Rouge Winch, and the benefits that make it one of the most important 4wd accessories to have. A winch is your primary rescuer when you get stuck alone in the wilderness. And you need to make sure that your front bull bar is compatible with your winch.

So before getting yourself a bull bar, consider its features. This is because although you can mount a winch in your existing front bumper, you still need to make sure it is configured to have a mounted winch and can handle the force and strength that you might need when tugging or pulling your car. Here are a few bumpers or bull bars that are perfect for your winch. 


Bull Bars That Are Compatible With A Winch


King Series Bull Bar

 Front Off Road Truck 

Hamer’s King series bull bar is considered an excellent buy first because of its added support, and second because of its stunning features. It is definitely a great addition to the aesthetic look of your truck and this front bumper comes in a matte black powder-coated finish.

This bumper is designed to maximize airflow to the radiator too. It has airbag and crash sensor features, and it has high-quality LED fog lights, indicators, daytime running lights, and it supports original factory sensors of your 4wd.

It exceeds the Australian Design Rule (ADR) standards of approval in Australia, which is known to have high safety requirements. That means you are getting a high-quality product when shopping from Hamer. 

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King Series Plus Bull Bar

 Black Off Road Truck 

There are two different types of the King Series bull bars, and they are all winch compatible and winch accessible. They all deliver the same features and capabilities and only differ in design and sizes:


Royal Series Bull Bar

Grey Off Road Truck


The Hamer Royal series bull bar is a popular choice for Ford Ranger 4×4 car owners because of its neat-looking design. This is a reliable product that will continue to be in high demand in Australia, Thailand, and other countries.

Like the King Series and other Hamer bull bars, this also exceeds ADR standards and approval with airbag and crash sensor features. It comes with a 63.5mm steel tube and can accommodate external lights and aerial mounts. Similar to the King Series, the Royal Series bumper comes with LED fog lights, indicators, daytime running lights, and position lights.


Prime Series Front Bull Bar

 Orange Off Road Truck  

The Hamer Prime Series bull bar is particularly curated to fit each vehicle perfectly. Aside from being essential protection to the front part of your vehicle in case of accidents, it also gives that powerful look to your car.

Just like Hamer’s King Series and Royal Series, it comes with appealing LED lights, indicators, daytime running lights, and position lights. But what makes it stands out is that it supports a 22” LED light bar. 


M- Series Bull Bar

  Front Bumper Red Off Road Truck 

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The Hamer M- Series Bull Bar is another widely known best-buy bull bar because of its clean and modern looking. This bull bar has the same basic features as the others, like aerial mounts, LED and fog lights and of course, winch compatibility. This bumper is considered lighter as it is 60 kilograms only but it can support weight up to 11,000 pounds and it is 166x68x44.


How To Install The Winch

 The process to install the winch to all these types of bull bars is most likely the same as these are designed and developed to have the winch mounted in the middle part of the bumper. All these types are winch compatible so mounting the winch should be straightforward. A detailed step-by-step process of the installation should come with the package as well as the kits for your choice of a winch.


Here Are The Basic Steps:


1. Open the package and lay down all the bolts and nuts and other parts to make sure you see everything you need when you start.

2. Ensure that batteries are in good condition.

3. Check the winch itself

4. Position the winch into the bull bar, making sure it doesn’t need any more reinforcements.

5. Make sure the earth cable is on the one from the solenoid and the one going up to the battery.Use the bolts and nuts that come with it. It should just self-lock itself into position as you tighten the bolts.

6. Hook the solenoid. All cables are color-coded making it easier to connect to the right port.

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7. Lastly, mount the bracket onto the bar.


Just a gentle reminder to always do a final check to make sure everything is mounted correctly and the ropes are spooling off the right way. As always, test the winch after installing and before going on a major off-road adventure.

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