Where to explore in the outback in Australia

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Last time we talked about what to know about the Australian outback, so this time we will dig a bit deeper into where to actually you can explore in the outback, what to do there, The other than you can explore the dessert natural in the outback so what you can do there? . As we know the Australian outback is covered in almost all over Australia, from the north to the south and east to the west. Gear up the 4×4 accessories and get ready to hit the outback roads!


Out Back in New South Wales

Talk about the outback in New South Wales aka NSW where located in the south east coast of Australia. So what’s cities are in the outback here, we got Broken Hill, Bourken, Lightning Ridge, Wilcania, Tibooburra, Cobar, Willcannia, and many more cities up in the northwest of NSW. So now let check where is the popular outback in NSW!


Broken Hill

Broken hill is the name of outback city in NSW known as the “Silver City,” in the edge of the west of NSW that you can drive through this road to get to Adelaide. Broken Hill is a historic mining town renowned for its mining history, art scene, and desert landscapes. It offers attractions like the Menindee Lakes and the Royal Flying Doctor Service Museum.


What to Do in Broken Hill


Broken Hill Mining Memorial: Pay homage to miners at the Broken Hill Mining Memorial, where you’ll gain insights into their challenges and triumphs.

Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery: Broken Hill’s artistic spirit is showcased at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, a hub of creativity that houses an impressive collection of Australian art.

Royal Flying Doctor Service Museum: Uncover the life-saving efforts of the Royal Flying Doctor Service at the RFDS Visitor Experience. Learn about its history, innovation, and heroic endeavors that have made a difference in countless lives.

Mad Max 2 Museum: Visiting the Mad Max 2 Museum, which celebrates the iconic Australian film that was partly shot in the region. Dive into memorabilia and relive the rugged world of Mad Max.


Outback in Bourke, NSW



A historic outback town along the Darling River, Bourke is in the north-west of New South Wales. Bourke provides insights into Australia’s pastoral and riverboat trading history. It’s a starting point for exploring the Darling River Run.


What to Do in Bourke

Cruise the Darling River : Of course the first of first thing to do in Bourke, it’s enjoining the Darling River aboard a paddle-steamer, retracing the historic routes of early explorers. Here, you will see Historic Wharf Bridge, an iconic structure of this river

Back O’ Bourke Exhibition Centre: a captivating venue that brings the region’s history and culture to life through engaging exhibits. Gain insights into the challenges faced by pioneers, the region’s Indigenous heritage, and the resilience of the outback community.

Gundabooka National Park: Go to hike in the ancient rock formations, expansive landscapes, and Indigenous heritage converge.



The most always packed and it’s the tourist destination, Tibooburra is the outback located in the very north west of NSW. People love to go to this city because it’s Cameron Corner, the on the way city to go to Sturt National Park or on the way to or from Innamincka in South Australia and Birdsville in Queensland. what’s why it’s popular, but not just that reason, Tibooburra also has many interesting attractions to do:


What to Do in Tibooburra

Sturt National Park, where ancient landscapes and diverse ecosystems beckon to be explored. Mostly people love to come to hike here to explore the nature.

Milparinka, a ghost town that transports you back in time. Explore historic buildings, wander through streets frozen in time, and imagine the lives of those who once called this place home.

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Wondoba: an Aboriginal rock engraving site. Experience the spiritual essence and cultural legacy of the local indigenous people.


outback in queensland australia


Out Back in Queensland

The outback in Queensland is pretty big as the state but what cities are in the outback? lets check it now



A small town at the border of Queensland to the South and it’s famous for the annual Birdsville Races, it’s a gateway to the Simpson Desert and offers a taste of outback culture.


What to Do in Birdsville:

Birdsville Hotel : an iconic hotel that has stood as a beacon of hospitality for over a century.

Birdsville Races: a celebrated outback event that brings the town to life. Witness exhilarating horse races, connect with locals, and indulge in a true Aussie celebration.

Big Red : an iconic desert landmark that offers panoramic views of the Simpson Desert. Whether you’re sandboarding down its slopes or watching the sun set over the vast horizon.

And a lot more like try the bakery at Birdsville Bakery, attend to the Bilby Experience, and take a 4WD excursion and experience in Simpson Desert.



Longreach is the central of the Queensland outback, not yet it’s a home to the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and the Qantas Founders Museum, Longreach celebrates Australia’s pioneering aviation and pastoral history.


What to Do in Longreach

Qantas Founders Museum, a tribute to the pioneering spirit of Australia’s national airline. You can watch Outback Stockman’s Show at the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame here.

Thomson River: A great sport for cursing at sunset that you can enjoin the music, food, and drink after long off-roading day!

Longreach Powerhouse Museum, where captivating exhibits trace the evolution of electricity in the outback. Gain insights into how innovation transformed daily life in this remote town.



Not far from Longreach to a bit up north, you will confront to the dinosaur fossils town where is truly the australian outback. The town also hosts the biennial Outback Festival.


What to Do in Winton

Waltzing Matilda Centre, a cultural icon that pays tribute to Australia’s unofficial anthem.

Australian Age of Dinosaurs, a world-class paleontological museum. Witness dinosaur fossils, learn about the region’s prehistoric past, and even participate in a real dinosaur dig.

Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways, home to the world’s only known evidence of a dinosaur stampede. Explore the preserved footprints and imagine the ancient scene that unfolded over 95 million years ago.


outback in south australia


Outback in South Australia

Outback in South australia where are the majority of the national parks like, Simpson desert regional reserve, Mamungari Conservation Park, and Kati Thanda lake eyre national park.


Coober Pedy:

This city is an unique outback and famous for its opal mining and unique underground dwellings called ‘the opal capital of the world’. Visitors can explore opal mines, underground churches, and accommodations.


What to Do in Coober Pedy

Experiencing the underground homes and establishments that define Coober Pedy. Escape the harsh desert climate by venturing into the cool, comfortable chambers beneath the surface.

Moon Plain and Breakaways where the landscape seems to transcend earthly bounds. Witness the play of colors across lunar-like terrains, and capture moments of sheer beauty that have inspired countless visitors.

Desert Golfing at the Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club where is the sand greens and rugged landscapes, this course offers a game that reflects the town’s unique character.


Flinders Ranges:

The city in Kati Thanda lake eyre national park. it has a dramatic gorges, red peaks, and ancient rock art, it’s an outback paradise where you can hike to vistas, check the ancient aboriginal rock art.

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What to Do in Flinders Ranges

Wilpena Pound: Go to hike its trails, witness panoramic vistas, and marvel at the geological wonders that have shaped this remarkable landscape.

Aboriginal heritage of the Flinders Ranges, where rock art and cultural sites reveal the stories of the land’s indigenous custodians.

Brachina Gorge and Bunyeroo Valley Drive: a journey that unveils the region’s geological history through time.



Oodnadatta is the remote small city in the south Australia where has the the famous track that people love to experience called Oodnadatta track. This track is the historic paths through the heart of the outback.


What to Do in Oodnadatta

Visit the Pink Roadhouse, an outback oasis that serves as a vital stop along the Oodnadatta Track.

Marvel at the enigmatic Marree Man, a massive geoglyph etched into the desert landscape near Oodnadatta.

H4: Algebuckina Bridge: a relic of the old Ghan railway line that once connected the remote outback with the rest of the country.


outback in northern territory australia


Outback in Northern Territory

The Northern Territory’s Outback, a vast expanse of remote wilderness, embodies Australia’s rugged spirit. From the iconic Uluru to the sweeping plains of Kakadu National Park, this region beckons adventurers seeking a true outback experience.


Alice Springs:

The heart of the Red Centre, Alice Springs is a gateway to Uluru and Kata Tjuta. It has a rich Aboriginal culture and offers desert adventures.


What to Do Alice Springs

Alice Springs Desert Park, where you’ll encounter the region’s flora, fauna, and culture.

Explore the MacDonnell Ranges where dramatic landscapes, ancient gorges, and refreshing waterholes beckon. Hike trails, cool off in natural pools, and embrace the rugged allure of the Red Centre.


Tennant Creek:

Nestled within the Northern Territory’s outback, offers a gateway to captivating experiences that unveil the rugged essence of the region. Known for its gold mining history and the sacred Devil’s Marbles. It offers insights into ancient aboriginal culture and the stunning Warumungu region.


What to Do in Tennant Creek

Check out the Nyinkka Nyunyu Art and Culture Centre where Aboriginal heritage and contemporary art converge.

Venture to the Devils Marbles, an iconic geological wonder that defies gravity with its balancing boulders.

Experience the spiritual energy of Kundjarra (the Pebbles), a significant Aboriginal site with cultural and spiritual significance.


Other than these major outback cities in the Northern territory, you should visit these too:

Kimberley Region: Extending into the Northern Territory, the Kimberley offers rugged landscapes, ancient rock formations, and indigenous cultural experiences.

Kakadu National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kakadu is a vast national park known for its stunning landscapes, rich biodiversity, and Aboriginal rock art.

Kings Canyon: Part of Watarrka National Park, Kings Canyon features the Canyon Rim Walk, offering breathtaking views of the canyon’s sandstone walls and unique rock formations.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park: Home to the iconic Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) formations, the park is a sacred Aboriginal site and a must-visit in the outback.

Nitmiluk National Park:

Home to Katherine Gorge and the Katherine River, the park offers stunning natural beauty and cultural significance to the Jawoyn Aboriginal people.


outback in western australia


Outback in Western Australia

For 80% of the WesternAustralia can be outback by the map but which cities in this part are the outback, you can check it below but what you can see in these outback are the iconic Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park, Gibson Desert Nature Reserve, Great Victoria Desert Nature Reserve, Karlamilyi National Park and the vast expanses of the Kimberley region. So for the outback here, we will talk about where to explore more than the city to go because there’re more like the interesting remote areas and national parks more than the cities.

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Marble Bar

Famous for holding the title of one of Australia’s hottest towns, Marble Bar boasts a unique allure with its red earth, ancient rock formations, and a sense of timelessness that captivates visitors seeking an authentic outback experience.


What to Do in Mable Bar

Visit the Marble Bar Pool: Cool off and relax in the local swimming pool, fed by natural artesian springs.

Tour the Ironclad Hotel: This heritage-listed pub has a rich history and is a great place to grab a drink and learn about the town’s past.

Explore the Comet Gold Mine: Take a guided tour of this historic gold mine to learn about Marble Bar’s mining heritage.


Bungle Bungle Range, Purnululu National Park

Venture into the iconic Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park, where beehive-shaped rock formations create a mesmerizing landscape and you can hikes and explore hidden gorges.


What to Do in Bungle Bungle Range, Purnululu National Park

Hiking: Explore the network of walking trails that lead you through and around the Bungle Bungle Range. The most famous hike is the Cathedral Gorge Walk, known for its towering red rock walls and natural amphitheater.

Scenic Flights: Consider taking a scenic helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft tour to get a bird’s-eye view of the Bungle Bungle Range and its intricate patterns from above.

Guided Tours: Join a guided tour to learn more about the geological history, cultural significance, and unique flora and fauna of the area. Rangers and tour operators offer a range of informative experiences.


Kimberley Region

The Kimberley is Western Australia’s sparsely settled northern region. It’s known for large swaths of wilderness defined by rugged ranges, dramatic gorges, semi-arid savanna and a largely isolated coastline. The mostly unsealed (unpaved) Gibb River Road runs 660km through the region’s heart, passing by Windjana Gorge National Park, which has towering limestone cliffs and pools where freshwater crocodiles gather.


What to Do in Kimberley Region

Bungle Bungle Range: As mentioned previously, the Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park is a must-visit, with its iconic beehive-shaped sandstone domes offering incredible hiking and scenic flight opportunities.

Gibb River Road: Drive or take a guided tour along the Gibb River Road, a remote and challenging route that takes you through some of the Kimberley’s most spectacular scenery, including gorges, waterfalls, and Aboriginal rock art sites.

Gorges and Waterholes: Discover the region’s numerous gorges and waterholes, such as Windjana Gorge, Bell Gorge, and Emma Gorge, which offer opportunities for hiking, swimming, and wildlife spotting.

Cruise the Kimberley Coast: Take a cruise along the Kimberley Coast to witness its rugged beauty, stunning cliffs, and abundant marine life. You might even spot humpback whales and crocodiles.


Cruise the Kimberley Coast



The outback is more than just a landscape; it’s a story waiting to be explored, a culture waiting to be embraced, and a connection waiting to be forged. It’s the essence of Australia’s soul, where nature’s grandeur and the tales of ancient civilizations come together to create a canvas as vast as the horizon itself. Whether you’re navigating through the rocky terrains, delving into the history, or simply gazing at the endless skies, the outback invites you to step off the beaten path and into a world of wonder, discovery, and unyielding allure.

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