What Is A Roll Bar?

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A roll bar is a metal accessory mounted within the cabin to provide additional rigidity and support to the vehicle’s frame. There are several options for roll bars, vary depending on their designs.

Roll bars extend from the front to the back of the vehicle’s cabin, offering the most protection.

Keep in mind that roll bars are vehicle specific and must be designed for the particular vehicle you intend on using. You can have custom roll bars made or reach out to reputable manufacturers to ensure you’re getting the proper roll bar for your vehicle. 


Benefits Of A Roll Bar


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Modern vehicles are built with ridged frames that typically can withstand a rollover; however, these frames are designed only for normal driving conditions.

Even the most advanced vehicles may be insufficient when driving at high speeds, taking fast corners, or a devastating roll while off-roading. In extreme sports such as off-roading, rally racing, and track racing.

Experienced drivers know that accidents involving rollovers are all too common, and it’s best to be prepared. A roll bar is your first line of defense if your vehicle rolls over and could potentially save your life.

However, there are other advantages to a roll bar besides safety. 


Performance Benefits Of A Roll Bar


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Besides the obvious safety advantages a roll bar provides, they also offer performance benefits. The roll bar adds considerable strength and rigidity to the vehicle’s frame.

The additional structural rigidity will improve your vehicle handling characteristics and overall driving experience. A stiffer chassis will translate to less flexing and body roll when taking hard turns.

This will make a substantial difference when pushing your vehicle to its limits.

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With the right tools and know-how, it is a pretty straightforward installation. However, in most cases, some fabrication will be necessary, such as drilling mounting holes, riveting mounting brackets, and precise measuring.

If you are not mechanically inclined, we advise you to hire a certified professional to do the installation for you. 


Hamer Roll Bars


Our shop offers several series and designs, each bringing an unique look and style for many popular manufacturers and vehicle models. 

Hamer roll bars are designed and engineered to fit your specific vehicle perfectly; this offers uncompromised safety and performance. 

No matter which series you choose, Hamer’s clean looks, eye-catching aesthetics, and excellent durability will surely stand out in the crowd. 

Our roll bars are constructed from 2mm to 3mm thick steel and have an industry-leading powder-coated finish that provides unparallel protection, that looks great and will last the test of time. 

Furthermore, Hamer roll bars offer additional options such as a LED 3rd brake light, reverse light, and spotlights. 

Hamer WARRIOR SERIES ROLL BAR for Ford ranger




If you intend to push your vehicle to its limits, safety should be your top priority. Not only will a roll bar provide you with uncompromised protection, but it will also improve the handling performance of your vehicle.

Hamer products are industry-leading and have everything you need for your dream off-road build. You will find 4wd accessories such as bull bars, skid plates, winches, shackles, and more.

You put a lot of sweat and love into your vehicle; you can trust Hamer products to keep you and your vehicle safe. 

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