What Is A Bull Bar?

HAMER Bull Bars On Two Off Road Cars

A bull bar is a device installed over your front bumper to protect your vehicle from collisions and impacts. In most regards, they are not considered as a modification but rather bolt-on accessories. 

They are typically made from high-grade steel, aluminum, or polycarbonate and polyethylene materials. A high-quality bull bar is generally constructed from one solid piece of material to ensure structural integrity.

They come in various styles and designs and are engineered to sustain and endure severe impacts. Many off-roaders utilize bull bars to protect their vehicles from damaging debris while traversing rugged, challenging terrain. They are also utilized by law enforcement and military application.

Bull bars are also used to mount essential off-road accessories such as a winch, and light barsUndoubtedly, bull bars are a vital accessory when it comes to protecting you and your vehicle. 


Why Is It Called A Bullbar?


Off road car and a tent


They were initially created for motorists in rural and remote areas where it is common for large animals to roam onto roads and highways accidentally. Colliding with a large animal, especially at high speeds, can severely damage your vehicle. 

Bull bars are designed and constructed to withstand impacts and will help keep you and your passengers safe. They do this by dissipating the high energy of an impact, mitigating damage to the rest of your vehicle. 

The name bull bar stems from cattle; however, they go by different names in different parts of the world. In Australia, they are called kangaroo bars, roo bars, or nudge bars. In Canada, they are called moose bumpers. In America, they go by many names, such as a push bar, PIT guard, PIT bar, PIT bumper, ram bar, ram bumper, bush guard, grill guard, rammer, or a cattle pusher. 

No matter what you call them, it provides the same primary function; to protect your vehicle from an unavoidable collision with debris and large animals. 


Other Uses For Bull Bars


Mounting Point


Bull bar on gray off road car


A bull bar provides mounting points for accessories such as winches, light bars, and other vital off-road equipment. 


Law Enforcement


Thai traffic police


In law enforcement, bull bars are equipped and utilized for pursuits to ram or nudge vehicles that refuse to stop. 

Law enforcement is highly trained to safely bring a vehicle to a stop, usually done by pit maneuvers or pining a vehicle in place. 



In recent years bull bars have become popular as a cosmetic accessory. There is no denying that bull bars give your vehicle an aggressive, bold look; however, statistics and studies have shown that bull bars exponentially increase the injury and death of pedestrians involved in collisions. 

This has led to legislation banning bull bars in countries throughout Europe and India, to name a few. Before installing a bull bar, check with your local laws and ordinance where you reside to ensure legality. 


Hamer Bull Bars


Hamer bull bar on off road car


Hamer bull bars are renowned for their aggressive styles and quality. They are constructed from high-grade materials and have a powder-coated finish to prevent rust and erosion, offering a polished look that will last the test of time. 

They offer a wide range of bull bars for many popular manufacturers and vehicle models. No matter what vehicle you drive, Hamer has you covered for all your essential 4wd accessories for your off-road build; from bull bars, and roll bars to skid plates, Hamer is industry-leading and won’t disappoint. 

Their innovative styles and designs will make you stand out, ensuring you have the coolest off-road 4×4 on the road. 




Whether you are on the road or off the road, a bull bar provides your vehicle protection from debris and impacts. Whether it’s with a large animal, trees and rocks, or another vehicle, a bull bar can save your vehicle from substantial damage, and even save your life.

Above all, they give your vehicle an aggressive bold look! 

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