Top 6 Off-road Accessories For Ford Ranger Raptor

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The Ford Ranger Raptor debuted in Thailand in 2018, and is an excellent choice for an ultimate off-road pick-up truck experience, because of its reliability and high endurance. The latest model, NextGen to be released in 2023, is something 4×4 enthusiasts are very much looking forward to with its twin-turbo 3.0-litre EcoBoost V6 petrol engine.


How Reliable Is Ford Ranger Raptor?


The current models, however, still boast of an EcoBoost 2.3L with a 270 hp  or a single or twin turbo 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel, which produces 210 hp and 500 Nm of maximum torque. It is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. With the highest speed of 180km/h. Also, a sublime suspension utilizing Fox shock absorbers, and an extreme driving mode. It is also equipped with a range of intelligent safety features that is perfect for any off-road adventure. 

There are a lot of different accessories for the Ford Ranger Raptor you can buy to ensure your protection and well-being while doing extreme off-road activities. These are add-ons to all the safety features that come when buying the truck. In this article, we will list down the top 6 accessories, your monster truck must have for much better protection with a next-level monster look.


4×4 Accessories For Ford Ranger Raptor


1. King Series Bull Bar 


hamer front bull bar


Hamer King Series Bull Bar is perfectly designed to match your truck. This bull bar assures you that when you are on an adventure, your car is well-prepared for any frontward collision. This is not your typical triple loop bullbar. Instead, it’s a slim-type made from a high-quality 3MM steel plate that is well-fit to complement the modern look of your truck. The design also ensures maximized airflow to the radiator.

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The King Series bull bar comes with an airbag and sensors fully functional and goes beyond the ADR standard of approval (Australian Design Rules is Australia’s national technical standards for vehicle safety, theft resistance, and emissions). This bullbar is also winch-ready. Finally, a great feature that also accents the Ford Ranger Raptor’s sleek design are the 2 LED lights with multi-functions for daytime and fog lights. 


2. Skid Plate


red skid plate

Hamer Skid Plate is for undercarriage protection. Off-roading can do great damage to your undercarriage if you don’t get proper protection. The Hamer skid plate is made from a high-quality 3MM steel plate that guarantees to give optimal defense against rocks, dirt, debris, and other elements that may cause great damage to your fuel tank, differentials, and transfer box. Hamer Skid Plate has its signature red matte powder-coated finish to match the Hamer brand. 


3. Nova Rear Bumper


hamer4x4 rear bumper

Hamer Nova Rear Bumper is produced for back protection and as a recovery point in case of an emergency. This bumper is very reliable as it is made of a 3-inch steel tube and supports 3 tons tow hitch. The Nova Rear Bumper also comes with 2 reverse and signal lights plus LED number plate lights. Finally, it supports all factory sensors and with integrated steps to make you step up and down with confidence. 


4. Warrior Series Roll Bar


roll bar


Hamer Warrior Series Roll Bar has been developed to give your car an added profile with substantial functionality to help lessen the body roll or your truck in any course of fast cornering or over-road irregularities. It also serves as a shield in case of a roll-over accident. It has and undoubted strength as it is made from a 3MM steel plate.

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This roll bar comes with LED reverse lights, brake light, and 2 headlights. The Warrior Series roll bar comes in a powder coat technology for a long-lasting finish and a premium laser cut stylish mesh design. 


5. Solar Roof Rack


solar roof rack

Hamer Solar Roof Rack is exceptionally reliable to carry heavy loads. It is carefully created not only to support luggage but also to support a light bar with 4 LED cube lights. This is essentially advisable particularly when you always go on a trip.

It will give you more space that you need for more stuff to carry and give you and your passengers more room inside your car. Made from 2.3MM of steel sheet with the dimensions of 120×125 cm. 


6. Shadow Series Side Steps


hamer4x4 side steps

Hamer Side Steps are flawlessly designed to help you and your passengers with easier access to getting in and out of the truck. This is highly recommended since the Ford Ranger Raptor is higher compared to other vehicles. It looks cool but sturdy as it is made from 6MM thick ladder legs. Comes with 8W LED function lights under the side steps to ensure you won’t miss the steps especially in dark areas or at nighttime.

The design is well-thought due to the sieve pattern on the steps to avoid any mud or dirt and even water to stick around which will make it difficult to clean and may even cause the metal to rust. Another great feature is that it’s ready to install. Comes in powder coated paint system for a long-lasting finish. 

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Having all these accessories installed in your truck means added protection and safety plus useability. Now you can do more, experience more, and enjoy more your
Ford Ranger Raptor with all these Hamer 4wd accessories. You can check out how all these accessories combined will make your Raptor even more attractive by watching a clip from a motor show in Thailand..

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