Tips for Buying 4X4 Accessories Online

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If you’re looking for a 4wd parts or accessories for your vehicle but you’re unwilling to go out to local shop given the circumstances of COVID-19, HAMER has some tips for you today so you can learn to buy the right parts and accessories online without worrying that you’ll get the wrong or counterfeit parts.


Thing You Need to Know Before Purchasing 4×4 Parts Online

Undoubtedly, the first priority would be to find the right parts for your vehicle, do some price comparison, logistics cost, after-sales service and warranty. Here are a few tips you need to know before purchasing.


Finding the Right Accessories 

First, you’ll have to be certain of the goods you’re after and what purpose would it need to serve on your vehicle. For example, a steel front bar for your frontal protection. A roof tent rack that could help you carry tent for your overnight trip. Suspension parts that would improve your comfort in driving. Winch that could help recover you from undesirable circumstances. Only then, we would look into the brands that would best fit your need.


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Pricing Comparison Offline and Online

Once you have decided on which accessories would be the best equipment for you, next step would be to find the right price. Fortunately, internet makes it easy to do price comparison in just one click. You can compare prices and specifications of products from different brands with the help of internet. It is also important to compare the shipping cost as they could be different, depending on the items location.

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Delivery Lead Time 

Delivery lead time is another important aspect to consider. It wouldn’t be good if the items take a long period of time to be shipped and arrived to you. Therefore, it’s important that you check the delivery lead time of each supplier to make sure it will arrive in time for your trip.


Aftersales Service for car


Aftersales Service

Aftersales service is undeniably one of the most important things to consider if you’re buying offroad parts or accessories. You have to make sure that products come with the right warranty so when you encounter any unexpected circumstances, you can be assured that you’re well protected.


Return Policy

If the items are shipped wrongly, it would be the responsibility of the seller to resend the correct part for you. Some shops might not accept any return or exchange of the goods so it’s important that buyer check the return or exchange policy before making any purchase.


Where to Buy Off-road Accessories Online

After knowing all the tips in getting the right parts for your vehicle, the next important question would be where would be the best online platform or shops to get these parts?


Shopee (Thailand)

Shopee is one of the most famous commercial websites with all kinds of products available for you to choose from. The advantage of getting parts from Shopee is you can be assured that you won’t get swindled. The platform is user-friendly and they also make it easy for user to return parts if you ever receive the items that are not right for you.

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hamer on shopee and lazada

Lazada (Thailand)

Lazada is another amazing platforms we could explore for more parts and products. There are many shops and stores available on Lazada for buyers to choose and buy from. They provide reviews for buyers to read and study prior to making any purchase. Occasionally, Lazada would also hold a special event where buyer could collect special coupon for special discounts, helping buyers to get the right products at an even better pricing.


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Official Website (Worldwide)

Alternatively, Official website of each brands is one of the most reliable sources to get your product. Ordering products directly from the brand owner means you will not have to go through any third party. These official stores will also provide aftersales service with knowledgeable staff who could assist you with information regarding the products you’re interested in so it’s highly recommended to get your parts & accessories from the official stores, rather than any online stores. Buyer can follow these official stores through their official websites or social media platforms.


We hope these tips will be able to help you in getting the right parts & accessories for your vehicle, making sure you get the perfect products delivered to your home. If you are still not sure, where you can buy Hamer products in your country, you can easily check with our Hamer dealers all around the world! Follow us on Facebook fan page to get more information and promotion: Hamer4x4 


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