The Valuables In Your 4×4 Truck Protection

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Your vehicle is your home while traveling on and off-road. And just like your actual home, you put things, tools and valuables in your car or truck that come in handy in case of emergency. Or if you come across someone who needs help, it’s good to have the supplies and be able to extend a hand.  

For this reason, it is necessary to know how to store the belongings in your truck properly, and make sure they are safe and protected. Having a safe place for your tools or any valuables will keep the inside of your truck neat and organized. 

In this article, we will list down some of the best Hamer 4×4 accessories you can add to your truck to help secure your tools and other valuables. 


Hamer Toolbox


Hamer tool box


The Hamer Toolbox guarantees the safety of your tools. Automotive tools make automotive repairs, modifications, and even servicing easy. That is why it is crucial to have them organized and in up to 220 pounds. One toolbox for easy access whenever needed. This will save you time and money because you have everything in one single container. It eliminates the chance of misplacing the tool and buying again. 

The Hamer Toolbox is made from high-quality steel to ensure its durability. It is developed to be strong and resistant to all weather conditions. Using this can easily increase your storage space. Comes with a security lock system and with shock system that sends force when opening. There is no better way to store your priceless tools than having a Hamer Toolbox!

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Hamer Auto Roller Lid


Hamer Auto Roller Lid


If you like modernity and automation, the Hamer Auto Roller Lid is another way of covering the bed of your pickup. It’s like the trifold, however, this is made from high-quality aluminum and is very convenient as you can control it by using a wireless remote control. There is also an application available to be downloaded so you can control it using your smartphone. This auto-roller lid comes with LED light bar. This is also another way of increasing storage as it supports up to 70kg. 

The Hamer Auto roller lid is another way of making sure your things are properly secured in your truck. It provides maximum protection when sealed–not only from strangers who intend to steal your stuff but also from the heat of the sun or water when it rains. This auto-roller lid offers better security as it works just the same as the garage roll-up door.

If you want to know more about the trifold auto-roller lid, check out this article. 


Hamer Tailgate Lock


Man Closing Ford Ranger Truck


The Hamer Tailgate Lock is an added security feature for pickup trucks because the tailgate is one of the easiest parts to steal. Although tailgates are already equipped with a lock system, some are very easy to unlock. The Hamer tailgate lock is also made from high-quality metal steel. 

Check out this video review of the tailgate lock. It’s in Thai, but even if you are a non-Thai speaker, you may find the visuals and demo very helpful. Note that they also mentioned that the tailgate lock is compatible with D-Max, Revo, and Ford trucks. 

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Those are a few Hamer 4WD Accessories you can install for better security of your tools and valuables. These accessories will definitely help you save money by securing and storing your stuff properly. As we all know, whether or not you know a lot about cars, having tools available in your truck is a must not only when you go on a trip but also on daily basis.

This is because a flat tire or any simple issue can happen at any time and you can fix it faster and easier when you have your tools ready.

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