SIDE RAILS, an important item for off-roading!


HAMER Side Rail. Not only side rail will create a tough-looking appearance for your vehicle, but it also increases the protection of the frontal part of your vehicle.


What Are Side Rails

Some of you might not hear about these “Side Rails” and their purposes before. This new accessory is additional 4wd accessories installed to your vehicle to increase the performance of your vehicle during your off-roading trip. Side rails are constructed from thick steel tubes to connect between the loop of your front bar and your rock slider.


The Purpose of Side Rails

Side rails act as a shield for both sides of your vehicle. On both frontal sides of your vehicle, they could be prone to damage during your off-roading trip. Driving through steel hills or an uncontrollable trail, the frontal sides of your vehicle will have a chance of sliding through the hills and thus, damaging your vehicle. There are installed to prevent these damages from happening. Going through trails, hills, or trees, side rails will serve as protection for the sides of your vehicle.



HAMER has the perfect Side Rails equipment for your vehicle.


The Advantage of HAMER Side Rails

HAMER side rails are designed in L Shape, constructed from 50.8 mm. diameter steel for strong protection to the sides of your vehicle.  They are powder-coated black for better durability.

These are designed to be compatible with HAMER King-Series Plus Bull Bar and the classic HAMER Rock Sliders (SM103). It also will assist you during your rocky trail. In addition to that, it will also ease you when you step into your vehicle. Our HAMER Rock sliders come with a chequer plate as an anti-slippery for your step in and out of the vehicle. These 3 items will complement the look of each other, creating a much tougher and fiercer look for your vehicle. Besides the better appearance, they do come with so many benefits you cannot resist.


HAMER Side Rails is absolutely one of the items off-road enthusiasts cannot miss. If you have any queries regarding the items, HAMER will be more than happy to assist through our Facebook at Hamer4x4

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