Should You Replace Your Bumper?

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Our last article Five Signs Your 4×4 Bumper Needs To Be Repaired‘ discussed why repairing a damaged bumper is important. However, what if the damage is too severe to fix? If repairing your bumper is no longer an option, it is time to replace it! 


Five Reasons To Replace Your Bumper


1. Cracks And Dents


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If you’re an avid off-roader, chances are your bumper has seen its fair share of cracks and dents. Even if the damage only seems minimal, minor dents and cracks can compromise the bumper’s structural integrity. Even if the damage is repaired, if the bumper sustains a future impact, the bumper will no longer have the same strength and integrity to absorb the impact safely. If the bumper is unable to absorb the impact fully, this could lead to further damage to you and the body of your vehicle. 


2. Damaged Hooks


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Bumper hooks are responsible for securing the bumper to the frame of the vehicle. Over time, vibrations from the road can weaken and compromise your vehicle’s bumper hooks. If your bumper falls off while on the road, you are potentially putting yourself and other motorists in danger. 


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Even if your vehicle was not involved in an impact, Hamer still recommends that your vehicle’s bumper hooks be replaced when installing a new bumper. 


3. Foam Material


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Special foam materials are placed on the front of your vehicle. This foam material helps absorb vibrations and impacts. If your bumper sustained damage from a collision, chances are the specially placed foam is damaged as well. When replacing your bumper, a certified mechanic will inspect and replace the foam material before installing the new bumper.

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4. Insurance Claim Issues


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Insurance adjusters know that a previously damaged and repaired bumper may still have compromised structural integrity. Due to weakened structural integrity, your vehicle may sustain more damage if involved in a future impact. The insurance adjuster may try to attribute the current damage to your previous accident because of the inability of your repaired bumper to fully absorb and protect the vehicle’s body from the impact. This can lead to a smaller insurance payout, leaving you with a more costly out-of-pocket expense. 


5. Vehicle Devaluation 


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Insurance adjusters aren’t the only people who know that a repaired bumper can compromise structural integrity. Most car savvy buyers will also be aware of the safety risks a compromised bumper can have and ultimately will affect the value of a vehicle. If you plan on selling your vehicle, the cost of replacing your bumper rather than just having it repaired may recoup more on the resale value. 




This article taught us the value and benefits of replacing your vehicle’s bumpers. 

From a safety standpoint to maintaining the value of your vehicle, replacing your vehicle’s bumper rather than just repairing it will undoubtedly have its benefits.

Suppose your vehicle’s primary usage is rough off-roading terrain. In that case, you may consider upgrading to an Hamer off-road bumper and adding additional protection such as a nudge bar, or bull bar

While on the subject of protection, consider installing Hamer skid plates to protect vital components on the underbelly of your vehicle. Skid plates provide protection to your engine and drivetrain, as well as critical suspension components. Undoubtedly a well-worth investment to prevent future damage and repairs. 

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Off-road bumpers are engineered and designed to sustain more significant impacts and offer the strength and integrity to meet the enduring demands of off-roading. 

Furthermore, off-road bumpers provide crucial mounting points for essential off-roading accessories such as a winch, a light bar, and substantial recovery points for pulling and towing. 

Many reputable brands are on the market; my personal recommendation is Hamer products. 

Hamer 4×4 bumpers are renowned for their form and function, giving you the confidence to handle any challenge and terrain you throw at it, with industry-leading styles and designs that will envy the crowd.

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