Should You Get An Auto Roller Lid Or A Trifold?

HAMER Should you get an auto roller lid or a trifold

Whether you choose a Hamer auto roller lid or a Hamer trifold, it’s a must to have either one when going on a trip with an off-road 4×4 pickup truck. These are basically manufactured and designed for one main purpose: to protect and keep the things you have in your cargo safe. These things include camping materials, ski and other sports equipment, food, expensive gadgets, luggage, and other necessities you need to take with you. 

When traveling, there are multiple external factors at play that might cause wear and tear on your belongings. It could be heavy dust, scourging heat of the sun, or even rain. A roller lid or trifold also gives you confidence that your things are safe from people who might take a fancy on your stuff and steal them. Even further, when you go to places that are labelled “tourist destinations,” there’s naturally a lot of people and movement going on. Having a lid provides security for your goods as you are not leaving your things exposed for everyone to peek through. 

Choosing the best accessory to protect the cabin of your vehicle can be a little bit confusing. That is because there are different types and features out there. Two of the main ones are an auto roller lid and a trifold. Here are a few things you may consider before deciding what lid to use for your truck.


What Is An Auto Roller Lid?


Hamer Auto Roller Lid


The Hamer Auto Roller Lid is made of high-quality aluminum and weighs approximately 65kg. The aluminum material prevents the lid from losing its color from the heat of the sun. The auto roller lid also serves as an additional carrier but keep in mind that it can only support up to 70kg.  It is created with an advanced retractable cover that can be controlled using your smartphone by downloading an application to control it. Aside from using your smartphone, it also comes with its own remote control. Making it more convenient to use. Its sleek and modern look provides maximum protection to your things in your cabin. Driving around the city with your pickup truck is not a problem with this as it comes in a classy black color that will even make your truck look more stylish. 


Pros Of Auto Roller Lid


  • No wasted space. – It is fully retractable and when it is rolled away, you can easily put and arrange your things in the tub of your truck.

  • Sleek and modest design – Its black matte coating adds to the aesthetic of the truck, making it look neat and tidy.

  • Very flexible for daily use – thanks to the ease of opening and closing the lid.

  • Easy to maintain and clean – its simple design makes it easy to wipe the surface, and it keeps the things in your cabin clean too.


 Cons Of An Automatic Lid


  • It needs to be kept clean – there is a tendency to jam if dirt accumulates in the mechanism. 

  • Requires proper installation – if the installation is not efficient, the lid could be jammed

  • It could be prone to breakage and leakage if the material used is low quality.

  • Installation is not as simple as the non-automated lid. If you are planning to install it yourself, it may take more time learning how to make the automation work. 

  • More expensive than the trifold – which makes sense as you are paying for the convenience and ease of use.

  • Limited load support compared to trifold – as it is a roller, it naturally needs to be thin and flexible which means it cannot handle heavy materials on top of it.


What Is A Trifold?


Hamer Truck Trifold


The Hamer Trifold cover is made up of a durable and high-quality plastic texture and weighs only 54kg. The Hamer Trifold can support up to 220 pounds which is an added storage. This is also manufactured with LED lighting system and comes in a matte black pattern that is suitable for any truck color or design. The trifold offers security as it keeps the cabin sealed if the tailgate is locked. 


Pros Of A Trifold


  • Tough smooth exterior that compliments the truck’s panel – it is designed to fit the back of the truck to the edges

  • Installation is straightforward – compared to the auto roller lid, this is as simple as putting a lid on a tub

  • Various options available: You can have it fully extended, covering the back of the truck entirely, or partially open by folding 1 or 2 times.

  • Economical as it’s cheaper than the auto roller lid


Cons Of Having A Manual Trifold


  • Lifespan may not be as long as the auto roller lid. – Because it’s plastic, it can be prone to expansion and contraction if constantly under the sun.

  • Repairs are unlikely. – Once broken, it’s best to replace than try to patch it.

  • Loss of space. Not possible to completely open the back of the truck unless you remove the lid. 1/3rd of the bed of the truck will always be covered.

  • Slight placement issue – The back window will be blocked if the trifold is fully opened


In summary, both the auto roller and the trifold have great features and will ensure that  your cargo load or belongings are safe and protected. And to manage your expectations, there are also areas of compromise.

At the end of the day, the better or even best Hamer 4X4 accessories for your truck will depend on your own preferences, usage, how often you need it, and of course your budget. 

As always, do thorough research so you may avoid buying something you will only regret. You may consult one of our professionals at any time and visit our website for more information on our products.

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