Roof Tent Racks Will Take Your Camping Trip To The Next Level

HAMER off road car roof tent

4wd cars and trucks are, of course, perfect for long drives and trips to locations off the beaten path. And when you’re going on a long road trip, it is essential to bring your camping gear so you can rest and recharge after hours of traveling and exploration.

And if you live in a country like Australia or Thailand where there are hundreds of national parks, camping is an outdoor activity you should never miss out on.

But when we say camping, we think of ground tents that require tools and skills to set up. More importantly, you need to be thoughtful where you are setting up the tent. Is it a safe place? Have you cleared the ground so you don’t sleep, literally, on a bed of rocks?

Challenges like these are why camping is not for everyone. Some people find it very uncomfortable and even scary to sleep in a tent.

But if you have a 4WD car, you can take advantage of your powerful vehicle by setting up roof top tents (RTT). These modern tents are gaining so much popularity, and it’s no wonder why. There are plenty of advantages having one. 


Benefits of Investing in A Roof Tent Rack for The Camping Trip


There are three simple and obvious benefits to having a roof tent rack: convenience, comfort, and safety.



Compared to a conventional tent, a roof top tent minimizes the time dedicated to setting up your temporary home from scratch. Some only take a few minutes since the base is already mounted on your car. It’s great, especially if your trip’s itinerary requires moving from one base to another.


Roof Top Tents (RT)  Makes Your Sleep More Comfortable

A roof top tent is ten times better than ground tents. First, you are laying on a flat surface. The last thing you want is to put your head down and realize that there are still rocks on the ground or that there is a slope. With a roof top tents (RTT), you can even get one with a memory foam!

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Safer to Sleep on The Roof of Your 4WD Car

More important, there is just more peace of mind sleeping above ground and having that vantage point. You do not have to worry about crawling insects and curious wild animals wandering outside your camp. Those are just few of the advantages of roof top tents (RTT) that any serious camper would appreciate and give them enough reason to invest in one.


Mount Your Roof Top Tents (RTT)

To install a roof top tents (RTT), you need a roof rack specifically designed to hold the tent secure. Tent racks are similar to a typical car roof rack in that they are made of steel or aluminum. Some roof top tents (RTT) also act as extension of your car since you can store your belongings inside, hence leaving more room inside your car. They also bring the added benefit of having to worry less about forgetting any of your camping equipment.


Types of Roof Tent Rack

Roof top tent racks normally sit on the roof of the car, especially for pickups and SUVs. For your 4WD truck, however, you can get roof racks that will sit comfortably on your truck bed. 

Hamer 4×4 offers a whole range of tent racks for your Roof top tent (RTT):


1. Graphite Roof Tent Rack 

graphite roof tent rack hamer product

High-quality steel plate with a minimalist, neat design. The Hamer Graphite roof tent rack is also universal and can be fitted on the truck bed of a Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Triton, Isuzu Dmax and more.

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2. Gladiator Roof Tent Rack

gladiator roof tent hamer product


The Hamer Gladiator roof tent rack commands power and strength. It has the ability to handle very heavy load making it a very good choice. The height is also adjustable that it will fit any pickup truck. And as it is elevated, you still have plenty of room at the back of your truck.

3. Hamer Glory Roof Rent Rack


glory roof tent rack hamer product


A perfect mix of Hamer Graphite‘s simplicity and Gladiator’s powerful design. This roof tent rack will answer all the needs of a camper.

4. Warrior R
oll Bar Extension Kit (Roof Tent Rack)


extension roof tent rack hamer product


If you have the Hamer Warrior roll bar already installed on your truck, you can purchase the extension kit which allows you to install the roof tent. This is an excellent choice so you don’t have to remove the roll bar and buy an entire roof rack. Can be extended up to 160x145x500 CM.

5. Aluminum Roof Tent Rack to Be Fitted with R
oller Shutter 


This tent rack is lightweight, only 25kg, but very high in quality. Because it is lighter than all the other tent racks, it helps better with the drag and eats up less fuel in comparison to other designs. And, if you want to install a roller shutter at the back of your truck, it can be perfectly combined with the aluminum roof tent rack. 

All these racks have very slick design that are not only durable and efficient for your RTT, but will also add highlights to your truck or car that will surely grab the attention of other 4wd enthusiasts.

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hamer roof rack product list


As you can see, Hamer can provide you with whatever needs you have for your roof top tent set up. The research put into building a wide variety of products is second to none. If you get in touch with our team in Australia, or any of their retailers in 30 countries, Hamer can provide you with solutions for your 4×4 accessories.




The main reason for having a roof rack is simply to enhance the storage capacity of your vehicle without affecting the legroom inside. This keeps the inside spacious and neat. We talked about the importance and features of classic roof racks here (insert link to the other blog). But with the gaining popularity of RTTs, having a roof tent rack, brings your 4×4 truck to another level, especially during camping. That’s because anyone can easily pack up and plan camping trips, but those who are serious about camping and off-roading would actually invest in RTTs. Literally, your tent sits on a higher level, and it definitely grabs the attention of other regular campers.

It is, therefore, highly recommended to those who are passionate about their outdoor activities and would like a “home” in their truck without having to purchase an RV. 

Roof tent racks is only one category of the Hamer accessories you can add to your truck. For more ideas on 4wd accessories, check out this 6 Off-Road Accessories You Must Have! we recently published.

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