Is Winch An Important Item For 4WD Vehicle?

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If you are planning to go off-roading in the wilderness, having a winch is a must. With the rocky and muddy ground, there is a possibility that you might get stuck. A winch is a machine with rope, chain, and wire cable looped around a rotating drum that is designed to jerk or anchor a stuck vehicle. This will help disentangle a jammed vehicle by adding more tension to the rope and pulling it back onto its wheels. 

Very important reminder: when you are using a winch, Hamer recommends to take your time and don’t rush. This is to avoid accidents as winches are very powerful tools and can be dangerous. Evaluate the situation, check for any possible accidents, and determine how to extract your car safely. It is also advisable to practice how to use it to get yourself familiarized with its proper usage. 

The type of winch you choose will depend on your vehicle, how often you go off-roading, and your budget. Hamer also has an effective electric automatic winch that came with the remote control called ‘Hamer Rouge Winch that is perfect for your off-road car. And it is like an insurance policy, you buy it with the hope of not needing it. But it gives you peace of mind because you know you are prepared for a situation where the need arises. Just remember to buy a winch that is powerful enough to do the job. 


Benefits Of Having A Winch


Survival Tool When You Are In Hard-To-Reach Places.


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Having a winch is a great tool for dragging a stranded truck even when you are alone in mountainous terrain. Using the rope, you can tie it in something sturdy like a rock or a tree then slowly tug your truck on the ground. This means you do not have to rely on rescue services.

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The winch, together with the recovery points, can successfully dislodge a 4wd from a trapped situation. This is by connecting the recovery point to a winch and do not forget the load indicated in the recovery point.


Allows You To Help Other Off-Roaders


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A winch can come in handy when recovering another truck. If this happens, the winch will be attached directly to the stranded truck and reeled in until it can move on its own. It can also be used in towing another truck who might encounter an engine problem.


How To Install Hamer Rouge Winch


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1. Before installing the winch, check if there is a mounting cradle on your bull bar for the winch.

2. Remove the tie bars that keep the winch secure during transit and rotate the mount to your desired position before mounting your winch.

3. Lift the winch into position and tighten the bolts through the bull bar. The control box can also be attached to the bull bar. If your bull bar does not have holes for the control box, then you may need to do some drilling to attach it. 

4. Connect the control box to the winch. Wires are color coordinated so it will be easy to connect.

5. Connect the large black earth cable and the small black earth cable to the bolt on the opposite side of the motor. 

6. The power and the earth cables must be run straight to the starting battery. Once the winch is connected to the battery, you may want to give it a try. 

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7. The hand control can be used either wireless by connecting the receiver to the control box or wired by running the included cable between the control box and the handpiece. 

If you are concerned about the winch installation, you can contact us to get the direction to the professional shops near you. Hamer’s professional venders are all over Thailand ready to help you. Or you can leave us a message to ask the details of the winch about how to use, price, guarantee, and more on Facebook Hamer4x4


Maintenance Of A Winch


As a winch is essential to maintain its condition to ensure that it is working when you need it. Here are some tips to properly maintain a winch:

1. Regularly check your winch and its parts like cables, wires, and batteries.

2. Make sure that it doesn’t tangle when turning it back on to the winch drum.

3. The same goes for the synthetic rope as it may be needed to replace due to wearing or heat damage. Synthetic rope can be cleaned by soaking it in water with soap. This process will loosen up dirt build-ups between the fibers. 

Note: if you want to know which is better, synthetic rope or steel rope, check this out.

4. You can also do the same procedure in cleaning extension straps and tree protectors, however, you need to use a mild soap as these are made of a different material. Regular checking is required for abrasion damage.

5. Consistently lubricate all grease points and check the bolts at all times.

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6. Lastly, you will need a tree to make sure everything is working well when you use your winch. 

If you are thinking of getting yourself a winch, I hope you find this article helpful. If you have a Hamer 4×4 bull bar installed, most if not all of them have the capability to be attached to a winch. Hamer also offers the Rouge Winch, which is equipped for electric system with synthetic rope, drum and fairlead designed for a synthetic winch rope. It also comes with a remote control that allows you to operate from a distance up to 100 meters.

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