How To Use And Install An Auto Roller Lid

Yellow Truck Wet Auto Roller Lid

Most off-road 4×4 cars are pickup trucks, which give you that big, open space to store and transport big items. But there may be times when you prefer to have the truck bed covered up and that’s when you can get 4WD accessories, such as a lid.

We previously discussed the difference between an Auto Roller Lid and a Trifold, and the pros and cons of each of them. But both of them will protect the stuff you keep in your truck bed.


What Is Auto Roller Lid?



The Hamer Auto Roller Lid is a retractable truck bed cover which features seamless wireless control via a remote controller or by using your mobile phone when you download the app; it has an anti-pinch system whereas the closure will stop and be drawn back in if there is a slight resistance. This feature that stops the motor from further closing prevents any dent or crush on the bulky items you load on your truck bed, and avoids damage on the lid itself.

The LED cargo lights provide visibility when you are going through your things without the need to open the lid entirely. It has a rating of IP56 by the Ingress Protection Code, which means that it has passed strenuous tests and have a high-quality of protection against dust and water.

What’s particularly impressive is that according to this IP rating, the Hamer Auto Roller Lid will protect the contents of your truck bed from high water pressure such as the powerful water jets. Moreover, the four high-flow drainage tubes ensure that your truck bed keeps dry on rainy days, whether it’s parked or in motion.

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This Hamer auto roller lid is durable as it is made from high-quality aluminium and the lid’s tracts provide a stronger mount since they’re attached to the truck’s body. It comes in black colour to perfectly match any body colour of your truck.

Finally, if you’re looking into more accessories for your truck, it is compatible with another favourite Hamer product: The Hamer Roll Bar.

Hamer Auto Roller Lid

How To Install The Auto Roller Lid


You may find installing the auto roller lid a bit more challenging than the manual trifold, but it is possible even without the help of a professional. It is, however, highly recommended to do it with a mate. This does not only make things easier, but it will also make the installation faster. Doing this with someone helps ensure that things are aligned well, assembled properly, and every nook and cranny is sitting in place. Detailed instructions and procedures should come within the package together with the tool kit.


Tools You Will Need To Install Auto Roller Lid:


  • Rush Protection / Paint

  • 24mm and 27mm Hole Saw or Step Drill 

  • File

  • 10mm socket and driver

  • Torx bits


Steps On How To Install An Auto-Roller Lid

1. First is to assemble the roller lid/shutter

2. Slide the side arms onto the locating tab, making sure that the roller is correctly positioned on the side track

3. Secure down the side by using the correct bolts that come in the kit.

4. Once secured, make sure to insert the rubber stopper on both side arms as that will ensure that the roller cover does not leak from the front end.

5. Drop the top cover roll box and secure it down using the right screws. Use the washer and screw cap for a nice neat finish.

6. Look over the tub to check for obstructions to the roller cover. These obstructions usually involve sports bars and tie-down points.

7. Some tub liners may be removed to gain access to the mounting points.

8. Every roller cover comes with drainage pipes and that means that new holes have to be drilled into the tub.

9. You may need to remove your taillights to install the drainage pipes. You may drill a hole at your desired location through the tub liner and a tub.


10. Make sure to apply for rust protection or paint to the new hole as you’ve exposed bare metals to the elements.

11. Install the drainage pipes. You may need to drill new holes depending on your preference. Just remember to always apply for rust protection or paint to new holes.

12. Put back tub lines or down points that have been previously removed.

13. Ensure that any drainage tube is away from any electrical connections.

14. You may need to install some foam or aluminium packers so that your headboard is the lever with the side rails of your tub. This is provided in the kit.

15. Get a mate to help you lift the roller cover onto the tub. The horizontal positioning slack can be used to keep the roller cover nice and square as you install the brackets. Slide the t-bolts into the bottom of the side arms. Tighten the brackets into position. Don’t forget to tighten the hose clamps.

16. Lastly, test the roller cover! Ensuring everything is operational, nice, and smooth!



As one of Hamer 4×4 accessories, the Hamer Auto Roller Lid not only gives you security and protection for your valuables but also adds to the aesthetic look of your pickup truck. Making it look stylish yet with complete functionality.

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