How To Install a Roll Bar

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With the right tools and know-how, Installing a roll bar is typically straightforward. However, depending on the type of roll bar and the type of vehicle, some fabrication might be necessary for a successful installation.

For example, installing a roll bar on a truck is relatively straightforward; however, when installing a roll bar in a car, you will most certainly need to remove interior parts such as the rear seats and floor carpeting to access the mounting points.

Roll bars sold as a “universal” fit will almost certainly require modifications to fit correctly.


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If you cannot find a manufacturer that supplies a roll bar for your specific vehicle, your options will be limited to a “universal” fit or a costly custom-made design. Both will require proper tools and know-how for a successful installation.

To provide proper structural integrity, the roll bar must be welded or bolted to the vehicle’s frame for proper installation.

If your vehicle does not have a full frame where you can securely attach the roll bar, it will be necessary to weld steel plates to the floor of the vehicle to provide welding points for your roll bar.

Welding a rollbar to a vehicle takes more than watching a YouTube “how-to video.” Welding is a very technical skill that requires comprehensive knowledge; If you are not comfortable with your welding skills, it’s advised to hire a professional for safety and to ensure a proper installation.

Manufacturers like Hamer offer a wide range of roll bars designed for specific vehicles and provide a perfect fit with minimum fabrication and without the need to modify the roll bar.

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Tools For Roll Bar Installation


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For a successful installation, make sure you have the right tools available.

  • Power band saw or hand hacksaw

  • Body grinder with course wheel to remove paint and rust

  • MIG or TIG welder with a proper amp rating

  • Protective face shield for grinding and welding

  • Sheetmetal shears to modify or remove interior panels

  • Die grinder or electric drill with rotary file to notch tube ends

  • Tape measurer

  • C-Clamps

  • Locking pliers

  • Proper jack stands to support vehicle

  • Carpenter’s level and angle finder

  • Bench vise to hold tubing while grinding and cutting



Roll Bar Installation Instructions


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If you intend to install a roll bar yourself, it’s essential to follow the correct procedures.

If you’re buying a reputable roll bar, the manufacturer should include comprehensive instructions for installation.

With the right tools and know-how, someone who is mechanically inclined should have no problem successfully installing the roll bar.

If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to seek professional help.




Although installing a roll bar can be pretty straightforward, If you’re not comfortable using tools or proper welding techniques, it is advised to seek a professional for installation.

Hamer offers a wide selection of roll bars specifically designed for easy installation.

They are industry-leading in quality and design. They are engineered and designed to work with your vehicle’s chassis to enhance safety and improve your vehicle’s handling.

Whether you seek professional help or plan to take on the project yourself, it is advised to do your research and ensure the job is done correctly. Follow us on Facebook for our latest news and promotions at: Hamer4x4

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