Hamer Offers A Rear Bumper For Every 4×4 Owner

Hamer rear bumper

Hamer is known for making really good 4wd accessories, and rear bumper is one of their best-sellers. Apart from improving the look of your car, rear bumpers safeguard your car from any low-speed back collision. The rear bumper protects your car in the back just as the bull bar takes care of the front area. These two accessories are useful in reducing and preventing physical damage to your truck. There are still other benefits to having a rear bar. It can also be helpful in increasing the ground clearance and it helps hold or attach other gears such as spare tires or shackles.

Hamer has developed its rear bumper over the years and now have nine different models. They are all available in Thailand but if you’re in Australia or South Africa, check with your dealer if they have the model you like. Each model has its own unique characteristic, but they are all equipped with towing capacity, with some having tensile strength of up to 3 tonnes. All rear bumpers from Hamer also support factory sensors, which we covered in this article:(

4×4 Rear Bumpers and Parking Sensors Compatibility).

Moreover, all rear bumpers made by Hamer are made from high-quality 4mm steel plate and come in with the latest technology of powder coating system. This makes them more durable and long-lasting. In this article, we will be looking at all the Hamer 4×4 rear bumpers in detail and we hope that this will help you choose the right one for your car.


The 3 Most Versatile Rear Bumper Types

Out of the nine different types of rear bumper in the Hamer collection, 3 of them are compatible with various trucks from Chevrolet, Ford, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota. These 3 are as follows:


1. G-Series Rear Bumper


G-Series Rear Bumper

The G-Series is a very nice-looking and appealing bumper with its curves and soft edges. It comes with LED lamp to highlight your license plate and a steel tube that guards the side of your truck.


2. M-Series Rear Bumper


M-Series Rear Bumper

The M-Series is lighter than the G-series in weight, but it has some really cool added features. First, it has LED reverse and signal lights. Second, it is designed with built-in side steps, making it easier to hop on the back of the truck. This is the other half of the M-Series Front Bumper.


3. Nova Series Rear Bumper

Nova Series Rear Bumper

The Nova Series is the latest model released by Hamer. It is very similar to the M-Series, except that it is bigger and as heavy as the G-series. It also comes with a bumper mounting point with thickness of 6mm.


Now let’s check if your car is compatible with any or all of these types of rear bar.


Hamer-Nova Series-G series- M series Rear Bumper

The 3 Specialized Rear Bumper Types

They are specialized because they can only be fitted to a few select vehicles. Let’s get to it.

1. Jimny Rear Bumper

Jimny Series Rear Bumper

As you could guess from its name, this model is especially for Suzuki Jimny. And if you are looking for other accessories for your Jimny, check out this article: Best Off-road Accessories For Suzuki Jimny. You will see that Hamer ensures we have all the important 4wd accessories especially for the off-road 4×4 cars.


2. S-Series Rear Bumper

S-Series Rear Bumper

The S-Series is made especially for Ford Ranger. Just like the G-Series, it has a steel tube that protect the back side of the truck. It has a very simplistic look but is compatible with winch and shackles and has complete functionality.


3. RS-Series Rear Bumper

RS-Series Rear Bumper

The RS-Series looks very similar to the S-Series with an even more minimalist look. And aside from the Ford Ranger, this rear bar can also be fitted to the Toyota Revo and Mazda BT50.

That rounds up the list of rear bumpers from Hamer. A quick summary for ease of reference is shown below:


With so many Hamer 4×4 rear bumpers to choose from, it is almost certain you will find a model that fits you and your car best. But before making any decision, it is always recommended to consult a professional. This will save you time and money. You can always message us on our Facebook page for more details and we can also customize the colour you want that’s perfect for your truck!

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