What Is a Bull bar?

bull bar is a device installed over your front bumper to protect your vehicle from collisions and impacts. In most regards, they are not considered as a modification but rather bolt-on accessories.

They are typically made from high-grade steel, aluminum, or polycarbonate and polyethylene materials. A high-quality bull bar is generally constructed from one solid piece of material to ensure structural integrity.  Read more.

HAMER Bull Bars On Two Off Road Cars

Are Bull Bars Legal?

Bull bars are a crucial 4WD accessory for protecting your vehicle when driving off-road, and they provide key mounting points for equipment like winches and light bars. 

However, in recent years, bull bars have become popular as a fashion accessory. There’s no doubt that bull bars will make your vehicle look more bold and aggressive. Each country has its own guidelines and regulations regarding bull bars. 

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HAMER Yellow truck are bull bars legal

How Much does it Cost to Install a Bull Bar?

 The price can vary depending on the Hamer dealer near you. Contact your local Hamer shop or check out our product page for more information on price.

What Is a Roll Bar?

A roll bar is a metal accessory inside the cabin that strengthens and supports the vehicle’s frame. A roll bar is your first line of defense if your vehicle rolls over and could potentially save your life.

There are different types of roll bars, depending on their design. Roll bars that go from the front to the back of the cabin offer the most protection, such as Hamer’s Warrior Series Roll Bar.

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Hamer black ford ranger truck

What Is a Hitch?

Regarding towing capacity, your vehicle is only as good as its hitch. Before you install any old hitch, it’s essential to know the different types and their specific function.

Hitches come in various forms and functions depending on what you need to tow and the specific weight you intend on towing. Hamer got you covered with hitches for any towing needs, such as Hamer’s Trailer ball, Pintle hook and Shackles

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Why Do You Need a Skid Plate?

skid plate is specially designed to protect vital undercarriage components such as the oil pan, fuel tank, transmission and transfer case, the rear differentials, suspension components, and other exposed parts prone to damage from rocks and debris.

They will be typically made from hard alloys such as steel or aluminum. They are durable and rigid enough to take heavy impacts from large debris. If you plan to go off-roading, a skid plate is a must! Read more.

HAMER Why you need skid plate?

Why Do You Need Rear Off-Road Bumpers?

As we already know, Hamer front off-road bumper offers durable strength and provides valuable mounting points for necessary accessories such as a winch, recovery points, and additional lighting. Read more.HAMER Rear bumper Do you need one

Why Do You Need Side Rails?

Side rails protect both sides of your vehicle. On both frontal sides of your vehicle, they could be prone to damage during your off-roading trip. Driving through steel hills or an uncontrollable trail, the frontal sides of your vehicle will have a chance of sliding through the hills and thus, damaging your vehicle. 

They are installed to prevent these damages from happening. Going through trails, hills, or trees, side rails will serve as protection for the sides of your vehicle.

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Why Do You Need a Roof Top Tent?

If you have a 4WD car, you can use it to its full potential by setting up a roof top tent (RTT). These modern tents are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. There are plenty of advantages to having one. 

There are three main benefits to having a roof tent rack: convenience, comfort, and safety.

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HAMER off road car roof tent

Why Do You Need a Winch?

If you are planning to go off-roading in the wilderness, having a winch is a must. With the rocky and muddy ground, there is a possibility that your 4WD might get stuck. 

A winch is a machine with rope, chain, and wire cable looped around a rotating drum that is designed to jerk or anchor a stuck vehicle. This will help disentangle a jammed vehicle by adding more tension to the rope and pulling it back onto its wheels. 

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HAMER winch hamer product


Which Accessories Can You Install at Home?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to set up your truck, because there are Hamer off-road accessories that you can install in the comfort of your own garage.

Our most beloved off-road accessories such as Roof rack, Roll bar and Skid plate makes it possible for you to set up without the help of professionals.

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HAMER Car tools 5 off road accessories

Why Should You Upgrade Tire Carriers?

With rough, demanding terrain, needing a spare tire is an inevitability, and having the right accessory to carry a spare tire is a necessity. This is where a tire carrier comes into play. They are specifically designed to securely carry large tires and offer easy accessibility while out on the trails. 

Depending on your vehicle type, there are different options of tire carriers; tailgate carriers, standard carriers, or vertical carriers.  

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HAMER Tire Carrier on off road car

How Much Weight Can You Put On Roof Racks?

There are two main roof weight limits which a 4WD has to adhere to: static and dynamic weight ratings. Most vehicles have a roof weight limit between 70 and 165 pounds. This rating can be found in your vehicle owner’s manual. 

As different vehicles have different roof weight capacities, we recommend you to contact a local Hamer dealer for your specific 4WD.

How Can You Add More Storage?

When preparing for an extended trip, or a camping adventure, the existing amount of storage space on your Fortuner may not be adequate to carry all the supplies and necessities to make your trip fun, safe, and successful. 

Hamer’s Roof rack, Iron bumper and other products can therefore add efficient storage to your Fortuner to ensure a safe, comfortable journey. 

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HAMER Toyota Fortuner Roof Storage

How Do You Modify a 4WD?

While off-roading, having the proper modifications on your vehicles can truly be a game-changer for both your enjoyment and your safety.

The proper equipment and vehicle modifications, such as upgraded Shocks and Coil springs, Skid plates, and a Bull bar, are vital modifications when trekking the great outdoors. 

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Hamer man holding a manual

Why Should You Replace Your Bumper?

If you’re an avid off-roader, chances are your bumper has seen its fair share of cracks and dents. Even if the damage only seems minimal, minor dents and cracks can compromise the bumper’s structural integrity. 

Even if the damage is repaired, if the bumper sustains a future impact, the bumper will no longer have the same strength and integrity to absorb the impact safely. If the bumper is unable to absorb the impact fully, this could lead to further damage to you and the body of your vehicle. 

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HAMER car crash collision

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