Every 4WD Needs A Roof Rack And Here Is Why

HAMER Every 4WD Needs a roof rack and here is why

A successful off-roading trip requires diligent planning and preparation. You will need the right equipment and supplies and the means to carry them.

A roof rack is a crucial staple for efficient storage that can handle larger equipment and gear. A rack will safely and securely allow you to haul practically anything your adventure calls for, such as camping gear, spare vehicle parts, extra fuel, and everything you could possibly need when traversing challenging trails.

It is vital to invest in a quality roof rack. This will ensure that all your belongings are well secured and that nothing is damaged or lost along the way, especially on bumpy, uneven off-road terrain.


Benefits Of A Roof Rack

Although you may have adequate space inside your vehicle’s cabin, some things you may not want to store inside your vehicle, such as spare fuel, dirty camping gear, and larger equipment that may scratch or damage your vehicle’s interior.

The benefit of a roof rack is having a safe, secure means to haul everything you might need without sacrificing your interior space. This means more room for passengers and other vital supplies such as food and water to remain safe and unexposed to the outside elements.


Different Types Of Roof Racks

Before purchasing a roof rack, do your research and consider your requirements. Different types of roof racks are designed to perform specific functions.


Roof Rack Baskets

Ideal for luggage and smaller everyday items.


Cargo-boxes-Hamer-roof-rack lunar with surf board

Cargo Boxes

An enclosed box that protects items from the elements, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts to keep vital cargo and equipment dry and protected. Lunar roof rack is the right choice for carrying your heavy surf board on the roof without any scratch on the car and also the board.

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Ski/Snowboard Racks

If your main priority is to hit the slopes, these racks are specifically designed to securely hold skis and snowboards. Hamer4x4 has a perfect ski or snowboard for your vehicle called Hamer cross bar which came with the lock. You can lock your board with the rack with no worries even you have to drive through the terrain.


Bike Roof Rack

A bike rack can be an excellent addition to your roof rack if transporting bicycles is your priority.

There are two types of bike racks; roof-mounted, and rear-mounted.


Kayak Carrier

These racks are specifically designed to transport your kayaks and canoes.


Roof Rack Ladder

A roof rack ladder will provide a safer, easier way to access your vehicle’s roof. Especially if you modified your vehicle’s height, remember always to practice safety when handling heavy supplies or equipment from your roof rack.


Tie Down Methods 

When operating a vehicle, you are responsible for properly securing your cargo to prevent accidents and injuries on and off the road.

Learning how to secure cargo properly before embarking on your journey would be best.



If you are unfamiliar with basic knot-tying techniques, you can find plenty of resources and examples on platforms such as YouTube. However, if you are not confident using rope, there are other options.



Ratchet Straps Or Cam Straps

A good quality ratchet or cam strap provides a secure tie-down without any risk of slipping or loosening from vibrations and bumps.

These straps are relatively inexpensive and offer an easy, safe, secure method to tie and untie your cargo with ease.

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Warning of advice is not to over-tighten the straps as it may cause damage to your cargo or your roof! Consider cam straps over ratchet straps as they are much less likely to cause damage from overtightening.


Bungee Cords

Bungee cords should not be relied on as a primary tie-down. However, they can be useful. They can be used to secure smaller, lighter cargo, help keep things in place, and provide additional support to your primary tie-down methods.

But never solely rely on bungee cords alone; improper use can result in accidents and injuries.


Cargo Netting And/Or Tarp

After safely securing your load, It is advised to cover your cargo with a quality net, or water-proof tarp.

Cargo nets provide additional protection from airborne debris and a safety net if any cargo becomes loose.

Water-proof tarps will help keep your sensitive cargo dry; ensure you secure the tarp well, as it may be prone to wind at higher speeds.



Tips And Advice for Choosing Roof Rack

  • Be careful not to overload your vehicle; read your owner’s manual for the maximum load capacity. If hauling heavier loads can’t be avoided, consider upgrading your vehicle’s suspension components such as performance shocks, upgraded coil springs, more robust control arms, and additional sway bars to help manage the extra weight.

  • Do not overtighten ropes, or ratchet straps to prevent damage to your cargo or vehicle.

  • Always double-check items to make sure they are snug and secure.

  • Don’t drive faster than the speed limit, and avoid the fast lane.

  • Always practice proper vehicle maintenance, and check your tires and tire pressure before embarking.

  • Remove your rack when not in use. The added weight and drag will surely cost you at the pump.

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A quality roof rack and proper knowledge of how to secure cargo is a staple for any avid off-roader.

There is a wide variety of reputable brands that will surely meet your needs and requirements.  I recommend HAMER products as they are renowned for their looks, function, and durability.

Make sure to always follow safety guidelines and proper tie-down techniques.

Never overload your vehicle beyond its maximum compacity, and always drive with caution when hauling cargo.

Always plan diligently, and only pack the necessities to help keep unnecessary weight down.

And above all, be safe, have fun, and enjoy the journey. If you have any questions, please contact us here or chat with us on Facebook Hamer4x4 

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