Do Bull Bars Affect Insurance?

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If you love outdoor activities with your 4wd, installing a bull bar is mandatory as it offers great protection in any unforeseen accidents. Bull bars not only protect you and your car but also adds to the tough look of your truck. However, keep in mind that before getting a bull bar for your 4×4, better check the regulations in your location as some places don’t legalize the usage of bull bars and might also nullify your insurance. That is because although you install it for its safety features, it can also be harsh to pedestrians. In this article, we will be talking about things you need to know regarding bull bar and your insurance.


AU Edition


In Australia, bull bars are legal so long as they comply with the requirements of the Australian Design Rules (ADRs). This is the national standard for vehicle safety, issues about occupant protection, vehicle structure performance, and lighting.  It is stated in section 3.1 of the Australian Safety Standard 4876.1 that any vehicle fitted with a Vehicle Frontal Protection System (VFPS), shall continue to comply with all applicable Australian Design Rules (ADRs).

This section states that when you want to add a bull bar, it should complement the shape of the car it is installed on and should not have any sharp edges. Also, bull bars should not make the vehicle wider and should not have any hanging frame members, as well as small parts or brackets attached to it.

According to the ADR regulations, fitting a bull bar on your new or current vehicle will not affect your insurance and even your warranty on the condition that the products are fit to purpose, compliant with the ADR, and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.

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Prime plus bull bar for iszu dmax 2020
Prime plus bull bar for iszu dmax 2020


US Edition


In the USA, bull bars are legal. Currently, there are no laws and regulations on the usage and installation of bull bars. Having a bull bar is completely legal in all states whether for trucks, cars, and semi-trucks. In spite of that, bull bars are being looked down upon by the police in urban areas where violence and crime are rampant due to their aggressive look that can be used in dangerous deeds. Nonetheless, these are still totally legal in the United States.

Since bull bars in the United States are still not regulated, there shouldn’t be any effect on your insurance. But always keep in mind that insurance companies have their own rules and regulations so to be safe, ask first your insurance company. Get information before you decide to install a bull bar.


Thailand and Asia Edition


In some Asian countries like Singapore, bull bars or crash bars are not allowed given that there is a low risk of animal collision. The authorities explained that such products are not permitted because they may worsen injury to pedestrians in an accident. The same goes for India where the bull bar has been just recently banned due to some reasons like it can prevent the airbag from opening up in case of an unfortunate accident and can affect the crumple zones of the car.

In these countries where bull bars are prohibited, it is expected that insurance companies may refuse to provide coverage.

The Philippines also have laws concerning bull bars, as long as it is not to an extreme overhang, it is acceptable. But with reference to your insurance coverage, it will be best to consult your insurance provider as there may be a minute clause about having a bull bar that may affect you when you claim.

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In Thailand and other Asian countries, there are no rules or laws regarding bull bars. Still, it is recommended to install a bull bar that matches the build of your vehicle and to always consult your insurance company before installing it. This will at least be your assurance that you will still be covered in any unfortunate accident.




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So to answer the question, “Do bull bars affect insurance?”, it’s a yes and a no. Since it would mostly depend on your location and also your insurance company. Every insurance company may have distinct rules so it is better to confirm with them first. However, most insurance companies cover the bull bar. So long as it will be added to the value of your car for which the insurance has been offered for. If so then the bull bar is included in your coverage.

If you wanna be safe, choose Hamer 4×4 accessories, as all products, especially bull bars, nudge bars and rear bars are ARD (Australian Design Rules) compliant and support all original factory sensors with airbag and crash sensors fully functional. Because the safety of passengers and pedestrians is our priority. Follow Hamer4x4 on Facebook for the latest news and promotions.

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