Deflate Your Tires in 5 Easy Steps

deflating 4wd tires

If you’re a 4wd owner, then you probably know that one of the most important things you can do to prepare for off-road driving is to deflate your tires. Not only does this give you more traction, but it also protects your car tires from being damaged by rocks and other debris.

Deflating your tires can seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite simple. All you need is a tire deflator. Additionally, we recommend you install Hamer tire carrier for effective storing of your spare tire.

In this article we will explain how in just 5 easy steps, you can have your tires deflated and ready for off-road driving. So, how do you deflate your tires? Keep reading to find out!


Why Is It Important To Deflate Your 4wd Tires?


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Deflating your tires is an important step because it ensures that your tires will perform better and last longer when off-road driving. When driving on dirt and rocky surfaces, tires can suffer from damage, dragging, and heat build-up.

Deflating your tires prevents these issues, as it reduces the amount of heat created by the tires and increases the traction on challenging surfaces. Additionally, with less air in the tire, the sides will flatten out more and provide better grip when off-roading.


Benefits Of Deflating Your Tires

Deflating your tires has several benefits when off-roading. Firstly, the extra grip provided by the flatter tires makes it easier to climb over objects or tackle challenging terrain which makes it safer for you and your tires.


Plus, deflating your tires will reduce the amount of heat generated, increasing the life span of your tires. Another bonus is that deflated tires also consume less fuel and reduces the risk of a flat tire occurring on the trail. In case you find yourself in an unfortunate flat tire situation, you can read this article on how to fix a flat tire and save time and money by not calling a tow truck.



Deflating Your Car Tires Steps

To start off, you’ll need a tire deflator which is a tool that attaches to your tires and quickly lets out all the air, leaving them nice and flat.

Step 1: Place your 4×4 on firm, even ground and ensure the tires are level before proceeding.

Step 2: Find the valve stem on each tire you wish to deflate. The valve stem is the small, tubular component protruding from the tire.

Step 3: Check the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure. This can usually be found on the sidewall of the tire, or in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Then place the tire deflator over the valve stem.

Step 4: Press down firmly on the tire deflator until you hear the hissing sound of air escaping from the tire. Continue depressing the tire deflator until the desired tire pressure is reached.

Step 5: Once the tire is inflated to the desired pressure, remove the deflator and replace the valve cap.



Deflating your tires can vastly improve the performance of your 4wd when off-road driving. With a tire deflator, you can have your tires deflated and ready for action in just 5 easy steps. This will reduce the amount of heat created, increase grip, and reduce the risk of tire damage when off-roading. For more information and tips follow us on Facebook: HAMER4X4

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