Can I Customize The Colour Of Hamer Product?

orange hamer bull bar on Isuzu 4x4 vehicle

Who doesn’t want to modify their cars? It must have been every car owner’s dream to make their car truly their own by customizing the accessories and anything they want to add based on their preferences and personalities. Customization also allows the purchaser to get the product with their own choice of colour, allowing them to add their personal touch to it. And yes, Hamer can customize the colour of the item you want!


Where To Order 

Hamer has a wide range of 4×4 accessories that will surely match the requirement of your truck. Items like bull bars, side steps, roof racks, and skid plates are some of the accessories you can order and you can choose the colour you want.

Ordering these accessories is fast and easy. Just visit Hamer’s Facebook page, and message us your order or concern. Our well-trained consultants are very much willing to assist you. You can order any shade you wish to have so long as you are willing to wait.


4x4 nissan driving in the water


Can Hamer Dealers Do It?

Yes! Hamer dealers can do it and if you happen to be located in a country where the dealer is not available, your items will come from Thailand. The satisfaction of our dear customers is our priority, so, where ever you are, we will be pleased to assist you.


Custom Colour Price

All colours and for all car models are available at additional cost. All Hamer items come in an advanced powder-coating surface for a cost-friendly and long-lasting finish. The powder coating technology is also resistant to scratches and chemicals. This is an important factor to consider when adding an accessory to your 4wd truck since off-roading will expose your car to extreme conditions. This will ensure that your item will stand the test of time while adding that modern and sleek aesthetic look to your car. We assure you that will get more for the price you pay.



Time Of The Process

Depending on your location, it may take 1-3weeks for your item to be delivered. This includes the processing and shipping time. We will assist you to design and personalize every feature of your truck to help you attain your dream truck. We have dealers worldwide to guarantee that you will get your items as soon as possible.


What 4×4 Accessories You Can Custom The Colour

Hamer celebrates and promotes individuality which is why we offer our clients to choose the colour they prefer for the items they want. This is not only to guarantee that it matches their car’s tint but also to establish that they will have that originality when it comes to their car’s overall character. All shades and colours are available for all Hamer 4×4 accessories. However, most of the custom-made items are bull bars and rear bumpers, followed by skid plates. Moreover, most customers choose the same tone as the body of their vehicle for greater impact and uniqueness.


Prime plus bull bar for iszu dmax 2020
Orange Prime plus bull bar for Isuzu D-max 2020



Hamer will continue to strive and deliver the perfect experience we can to our dear customers by always providing unmatched quality workmanship and professional customer service. We are aware that this is not just your hobby but a way of living, hence, our team is passionate enough to understand what you are looking for and is committed to giving advice for your next purchase. Hamer is here to guarantee that your custom 4wd build matches your need and preference.

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