Best Off-road Accessories For Suzuki Jimny

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Suzuki Jimny is a classic vehicle that’s been around since the 1970s, and is still very much a reliable car to this day. And for those who like cars for their functionality without breaking the bank, the Jimny is perfect for off-road adventures, as well as daily drive in the city or a small town.

The Jimny has the attributes of gigantic off-road 4×4 cars, packed in a medium-sized vehicle. By default, it runs on 2WD, but you can switch to 4WD or 4WD-L (running on four-wheel drive but in lower gear). Moreover, it has a high ground clearance, which is great for unpaved or submerged roads.

To maximize the usability and reliability of your Jimny, you can install off-road accessories that enable you to always be ready for any unforeseen scenarios.

Here are Hamer off-road accessories that you can install on your Suzuki Jimny before you head off to your next off-road adventure. With these improvements, you will have peace of mind that whatever challenge you might encounter on the road, you have a solution and you will be fine. 


Bull Bars For Suzuki Jimny 


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A bull bar is essential because of the frontal protection it offers for your vehicle. For Suzuki Jimny, Hamer offers car owners an option between the King Series and Royal Series bull bars.


The Hamer King Series Front Bull Bar For Suzuki Jimny


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This bull bar has a simple yet stylish look and it fits right into the Jimny. It has the following features:

  • Airbag compliant, passing the Australian Vehicle Standard (ADR)

  • Designed to accommodate installation of the winch

  • Supports the original sensors installed in the vehicle

  • 3-in-1 led lighting system

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The Hamer King Series Plus Bull Bar For Suzuki Jimny


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If you want a fiercer look for your front bull bar, the King series plus may be the right one for you. It comes not only with a similar bull bar as the King Series, it also has a 58 steel tube that acts as a frame to protect your headlights.

The King Series Plus has the same features as the King Series, with the added benefits:

  • Includes aerial mounts

  • Attractive LED fog lights, indicators, daytime running lights, and position lights. 

While we’re on the subject of the front side of your vehicle, let’s talk about winches.


Hamer Rouge Winch 12000 lbs


winch hamer

Hamer Rouge Winch can be your life-saver especially when you’re travelling alone in hard-to-reach places. For this reason, a winch is one of the most important accessories you can have.

Hamer offers an electric winch system that is equipped with a drum and a fairlead synthetic winch rope.

This winch is designed to be water-and-weather-proof, with improved abrasion and UV resistance, making it last longer than other brands.

This comes with a well-built remote control and the disc brake is customized to hold a full-rated load.

Roof Racks Are Also Great Addition To Suzuki Jimny


As it is a compact car, placing your luggage or cargo can be tricky for Suzuki Jimny. The simple and effective solution: roof rack.


Solar Roof Rack For Suzuki Jimny


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Solar Roof Rack is great in the sense that it can accommodate bigger luggages. It is very durable as it was built to carry heavy loads.

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This roof rack also includes a 4 pieces LED cube which is shaped by aerodynamics and is made from lighter materials so as not to affect the car’s performance.


Hamer Full Under Protection Plates



Hamer Full Under Protection Plates will protect your vehicle’s engine, transmission, and radiator.

It is important to have this installed because most often than not, when you go off-roading it is expected that debris and rocks, as well as rust and corrosion from salt water, may penetrate the engine and can do great damage to the insides of your car which may cost more when in need of repair or replacement.

That makes this the best investment on this list for your car.

Hamer Rock Slider


hamer slider

Hamer SM104 Rock Slider is made from heavy-duty material for extra protection when you and your 4wd go on travel to the rocky trails.

This is specially manufactured for Suzuki Jimny in terms of style and design so it’s a perfect match for your vehicle.

Easy to clean and maintain as the pedal channel is made in a grid pattern to prevent any mud and water build-up which may cause rust.

The side steps are painted in a powder coating system, to make sure it is long-lasting.

Shackles For Suzuki Jimny

There are two types of shackles from Hamer that’s compatible with Suzuki Jimny. The first one is the Omega Shackles, which can support up to 3.5 tonnes of weight.

The second one is the Hamer Ultimate Shackles, and as the name implies, this is so much more powerful, with the ability to carry up to a whopping 25 tonnes of weight, or an entire car.

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Both shackles are made from ductile cast iron making them durable and strong. They are also corrosion-resistant with a powder-coated finish. Each shackle weighs 2kg and these are very useful for recovery operations. Having some shackles handy is always an advantage.



Hamer has been creating and continuously redeveloping 4WD accessories with unique and stylish designs without compromising their functionalities and usefulness.

We hope that this article is useful and can help you with your buying decision to enhance the functionality of your Suzuki Jimny while having an awesome off-road trip without the need to worry if you get trapped somewhere alone. As always, do your research and consult an expert for better results.

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