Best Bull Bar/Bumper For Volkswagen Amarok

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The Volkswagen Amarok is a 4WD pickup truck that is perfect for any off-road trip. This is manufactured to combine toughness and durability to be a refined truck. It looks unbreakable on the outside with a superb interior.

This has an exceptional engine of V6 as well as a 3-litre turbo diesel injection, getting this makes it hard to resist! That’s why it’s one of the most sought-after 4WD on the market. Although this is a pickup truck, it could go from zero to 62mph in just 7.4 seconds!

Not only that, the Volkswagen Amarok has the widest cargo bed of all pickup trucks out there which is so spacious for your things or any stuff you always carry with you, best for transporting goods. It’s worth buying especially when you use it every day. 

To have an impressive machine from behind the wheel is not the only thing you should consider when you go off-roading. Making sure that your truck is properly set up is also of great importance. This is to guarantee your safety and protection not only for yourself but also for your vehicle, more so if you go alone.

When you go to an automobile shop, you may get overwhelmed because there are so many choices available that you may want to get all. But then, you should always remember to check the features, quality, and how it would fit your truck, and lastly your budget. Always keep in mind that quality and durability are of top priority. 


Bullbar or Bumper for Volkswagen Amarok

A bullbar or bumper, in general, is a 4×4 accessory that protects your car in the unlikely event of collision. Installing this is necessary as it can safeguard you and other passengers from any harm in any case that you may encounter in the wilderness like rocks, logs, or even animals. It is an added protection to the engine bay, suspension, cooling system, and other electronics of your car.

So if you are someone who enjoys the outdoors, having this added to your truck is a great advantage. Especially during the night when some areas are not well lit and you may not be able to see any fallen trees or animals on the road for instance. Therefore this can prevent any serious damage to your car. Getting one is a wise decision to make.

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There are different types of bulbar/bumpers with different features. Here are the best Hamer bullbars/bumpers for your Volkswagen Amarok available in the market. We hope that this article can help you choose the right one for your truck.


King Series Front Bull Bar for Volkswagen


front view amarok


The Hamer King Series Bullbar is one of the best bull bars that Hamer created as it is designed against the popular triple loop outline to give that modern and tremendous aesthetic to your truck.

The Hamer King Series Bull Bar exceeds ADR standards of approval in all states and territories with airbag and crash sensors fully functional. It is made from a high-quality 3MM thick steel plate to make it durable and long-lasting.

This bullbar is winch compatible, making it easy and breezy to attach a winch for more useful purposes. Comes in a matte black powder-coated finish to make it look perfect for whatever the colour of your truck is.

Manufactured in a way that supports all factory sensors with LED fog lights, indicators, daytime running lights, and position lights. This is particularly produced to maximize airflow to the radiator.


M-Series Rear Bumper for Volkswagen Amarok


rear view amarok


The Hamer M-Series Rear Bumper is stylish and is made of a high-quality 3MM thick steel plate. Comes with an LED signal, reverse lamps, and 2 LED number plate lights. This bumper exceeds ADR standards of approval in all states and territories with airbag and crash sensors functionality.

It is also an ADR-rated towbar. The M-series also supports all factory rear sensors. Another feature of this bumper is that it has high lift jacking points. Specially manufactured to match any colour of your truck as it comes in advanced coating matte black finish.

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Nova Rear Bumper for Volkswagen Amarok


side rear view amarok


The Hamer Nova Rear Bumper is meticulously created for protection and design. It is made of high-quality 3MM thick steel plate. This bumper also comes with LED signals, reverse lamps, and two LED number plate lights.

Like the M-Series rear bumper, this also supports all factory sensors. The nova rear bumper was created to exceed ADR standards of approval in all states and territories with airbag and crash sensor features.

It supports 3 tons tow hitch which is very useful especially when you need to help someone or need to pull things with you.



Ultimately, whichever you choose, Hamer is dedicated to providing you with the best appealing design coupled with incredible strength 4×4 accessories that you may want to purchase to upgrade your Volkswagen Amarok. 

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