Are Bull Bars Legal?

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Bull bars are a vital 4wd accessory for protecting your vehicle while off-roading and offer crucial mounting points for necessary equipment such as a winch and a light bar. However, in recent years, bull bars have become a popular fashion accessory. 

There is no denying that a bull bar will add a bold, aggressive look to your vehicle. The question is, are bull bars street legal?

Each country has specific guidelines and regulations regarding bull bars. While some countries have outright banned bull bars


Bull Bar Laws And Regulations


Bull bars are undeniably vital in rural areas where motorists are prone to hitting wild animals. However, sometimes those vehicles need to travel to towns and cities bustling with pedestrians.

Due to the rigidity of bull bars, studies have shown that pedestrians involved in accidents with bull bars significantly increase injury and death. According to official studies in the UK, there are 2,000 deaths and 18,000 serious injuries a year involving vehicles with bull bars

Every country has its own rules and regulations put in place in regards to what constitutes a safe and legal bull bar. Countries like Australia and Thailand tend to be less restrictive. While countries such as India have outright banned bull bars due to safety concerns. The European Union has enforced stricter guidelines on what constitutes a safe and legal bull bar.

Ultimately, rules and regulations vary and depend on your country; check with local laws to ensure legality before installing. 


Safety Standards

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Safety standards generally range from stipulations of size, shape, and protruding or sharp edges. The most crucial stipulation is how a bull bar is attached to the vehicle.

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Modern bull bars are fixed to the vehicle using a specially designed bracket. These brackets are engineered to work in conjunction with the vehicle’s airbag system. The brackets are designed to collapse under heavy impact allowing the vehicle’s airbag sensors to trigger, ensuring airbag activation. The vital purpose of making the bull bar collapse under impact is to allow the vehicle’s body to engage in the crumple zone. 

Crumple zones are structural safety features used in automobiles. They are engineered to mitigate impact forces by a controlled deformation. This helps by dissipating and distributing the force of impact to help keep drivers and pedestrians safe in a collision. 

Before installing, check your local laws and regulations to ensure the bull bars meet or exceed safety requirements. 



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Bull bars are considered a vital accessory in Australia, especially in rural areas. All automotive products must adhere to the Australian Design Rules (ADR).

ADR regulates and enforces Australian national standards for vehicle safety. All automotive bull bars must meet or exceed ADR guidelines.


Hamer Bull Bars


If you live in Australia, I’m sure you are familiar with Hamer products. Hamer offers industry-leading bull bars that comply with and exceeds ADR standards in all states and territories in Australia. All ADR-approved bull bars must be compatible with the vehicle’s original airbag sensors to ensure safety.

All Hamer bull bars are made from high-quality 3mm thick steel and are winch compatible. We offer market-leading advanced powder coating that offers superior protection and looks that will stand up to the harsh demands of off-roading.

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Furthermore, Hamer bull bars are specially designed to maximize airflow to the radiator for better engine performance. Hamer also offers many other 4wd accessories such as roll bars, skid plates, and practically everything you need to make your off-road build a reality.

If you live in Australia, rest assured that all Hamer products are ADR compliant and legal throughout Australia. We ship worldwide; however, it is your responsibility to check with your local laws and regulations before installing. 




A well-designed bull bar can protect you and help keep pedestrians safer by mitigating severe injury.

Make sure you purchase a reputable brand that meets or exceeds your country’s safety standards and regulations like Hamer.   

Remember, the best way to avoid injuries is to drive responsibly.

As always, be safe, have fun, and enjoy the journey. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook to enjoy our latest promotions and news at: Hamer4x4

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