Advice On Adding More Storage to Your Fortuner

HAMER Toyota Fortuner Roof Storage

When preparing for an extended trip, or a camping adventure, the existing amount of storage space on your Fortuner may not be adequate to carry all the supplies and necessities to make your trip fun, safe, and successful. 

Having efficient storage should be a staple for your Fortuner to ensure a safe, comfortable journey. Here are some storage mods that can provide the ample amount of storage needed, as well as add a great look to your vehicle.


Roof Rack


Hamer Toyota Fortuner Roof Rack


Hamer roof rack is a key staple when it comes to efficient storage that can handle larger equipment and gear. A rack will safely and securely allow you to haul practically anything your adventure calls for, such as a camping tent, spare vehicle parts, extra fuel, and most everything you could possibly need when experiencing your amazing adventure. 

It is vital to invest in a quality roof rack. This will ensure all your belongings are well secured to ensure that nothing is damaged or lost along the way, especially on bumpy off-road terrain. 

To that end, it’s always good practice to learn proper rope tying techniques that provide strength in securing your items and ease to untie. 


Roof Rack Ladder


Man in front of Toyota Fortuner Car


A roof rack ladder won’t increase your storage compacity. However, it will provide a safer, easier way to access your vehicle’s roof. This would come in handy if you modified your vehicle’s height; remember always to practice safety when handling heavy supplies or equipment from your roof rack. 


Rear Swing Out Bumper


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A rear swing-out bumper provides storage for ease of accessibility. While a roof rack will provide ample storage space, some tools and essentials may need to be retrieved more frequently. A rear swing bumper will give you more accessible storage without the need to access the roof rack. 

Aftermarket rear swing-out bumpers can be outfitted with cabinets and toolboxes and customized to fit your specific needs. This will further allow you to store essential equipment and tools that you may need to access more frequently with ease and convenience. 


Bike Rack


If you are an avid bike rider, a bike rack is essential. Whether it’s a mountain bike or a road bike, a quality bike rack will provide the storage and means to transport your bikes safely and securely without damage to them or your vehicle. 


How to Handle the Additional Weight on Your Vehicle


You should be aware that adding more weight to your vehicle adds stress to your suspension components, such as the shocks, coils, and tires. Extra weight can also affect your vehicle’s handling and braking dynamics. 

To counteract the added weight, it is recommended to upgrade your vehicle’s suspension. If your budget allows it, consider upgrading your vehicle’s shocks, coil springs, and control arms and adding sway bars to help keep your vehicle planted to the ground. These components will help ensure proper handling characteristics even when hauling extra weight. 

This should go without saying; always check your tire pressure to ensure proper inflation before embarking on your journey. When loading added weight on your vehicle, checking your tire pressure should always be a priority.

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Additional Up-Grades to Consider


Like most enthusiasts, you want your vehicle to perform to the best of its abilities while also boosting your individual unique look and expression. 

Upgrading your suspension should be your priority; after that, the fun starts with customizations that offer not only added functionality but can be aesthetically pleasing as well. 


White Toyota Fortuner Car

Iron Bumpers


An Iron Bumper will provide the durability you need when traversing challenging terrain. These bumpers are rigid, designed to take heavy impact, and provide better clearance on entry and exit points. 


Gray toyota fortuner car


Iron Bumpers from Hamer4x4 also make for great mounting points for more equipment such as a tow winch and added lighting features such as a light bar or spotlight. Above all, they can really add an aesthetically pleasing look. 

Lift Kits


If you are serious about off-road capability, a lift kit will provide better ground clearance to help you navigate rugged terrain. 

Just remember that the higher your vehicle, the more challenging it may be to access your roof rack. As mentioned above, consider installing a roof rack ladder to make access to your vehicle’s roof easier and safer.




Whether it’s for preparing for a camping trip or the ability to help a friend move… having the means to haul vital equipment or cargo safely is essential to the task. Making the proper investment in your vehicle’s storage capability is an investment you will appreciate, adding adventure and convenience to your life with your off-road vehicle. 

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