6 Off-Road Accessories You Must Have!

Hamer 4x4 Accessory Full Option For Fourtuner

A lot of people are questioning, what is the upgrade you must do prior to taking your vehicle off-roading? Apart from getting a better look, these offroad accessories also increase your safety while driving offroad. So here are the 5 must-have accessories to get your vehicle ready for adventure!


FRONT BULL BAR is the ultimate protection for your vehicle. The front bar will protect your vehicle from any possible front collision. Apart from that, it will also give you a better approaching angle when driving offroad. Most importantly, the front bar will create that beast look for your beloved vehicle so whenever choosing a front bar, not only do you have to make sure you’re getting an airbag-compliant front bar, but you also have to make sure it’ll perfectly match the look of your vehicle too. HAMER Front bar offers both the look and safety for your vehicle.


hamer-แร็คหลังคา รถมิซูบิชิ

2. Roof Rack

Another accessory which one must own is the “Roof Rack”. A roof rack helps you increase the space to store your belongings when traveling long distances. Installation is a breeze. You do not have to make any drilling to the vehicle as the HAMER Roof rack will simply clamp onto the original rail of the vehicle. Within a few simple steps of installation, your vehicle will be ready to take you to another level of adventure.

3. Roll Bar or Sport Bar

Roll Bar is an accessory that will complete the look of your vehicle. Considering the nature of a truck which comprises of a cabin and a truck, there’s a difference in the height level between these two main parts. Adding a roll bar will complete the look of the vehicle. A roll bar or sport bar is designed to sit directly after the cabin and slopes down towards the end of the truck.  Apart from complementing the truck appearances, roll bar is also often used to carry long objects which need to hang over the cabin. These roll bars will protect the cabin from getting scratches from the objects vibrating.


Hamer-ไฟ LED Light Bar

4. LED Lights for Off-road

As an off-roader who frequently through the nights, installing LED Work lights or LED Light bar is extremely important. Traveling through the wild at night without any lighting is as good as driving blindly so to avoid any unexpected circumstances, we highly recommend you to install LED lights to help you guide your way during the night. These lights will increase your confidence and safety while driving at night.

5. Auto Roller Shutter​

Auto Roller Shutter is a newly introduced accessory from HAMER4x4. As the name suggests, the auto roller shutter operates automatically with a simple click on the remote control. HAMER auto roller shutter conceals the whole truck of your vehicle to avoid any possible theft when you park your vehicle in the public. Despite their big size, they are quite light in weight. This is because most of the parts are produced from high-quality aluminum.


6. Off-road Tire

Safety is the top priority. It is highly important to check your tire carefully before going on any trip. Hence, if you have been using your tires for a while now and you feel the tires are not performing well, it is time to pull over and check your tire. Road conditions when you go offroad are the opposite of what you see when you drive on tarmac roads. Therefore, doing a safety check on your brake, tires, and suspensions of your vehicle is a “must-do” activity before you go on any adventure.


So these are all the highly recommended 5 accessories to have before going on for your offroad adventure. Nevertheless, HAMER4x4 still has many more accessories for you to explore for your beloved 4wd truck. Simply visit our Facebook fan page: Hamer4x4 to find out more about the products we have available for your vehicle.

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