5 Off-road Accessories That You Can Install At Home

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Having the right off-road accessories beforehand will surely make a perfect off-road adventure. And one does not need to shell out so much money to set up his truck as there are Hamer off-road accessories that can be installed even without the help of professionals. 

It can be overwhelming as to which of these you must modify but always keep in mind to consider the place you will be going and the specifications of your vehicle. 

This will surely save you a lot of time and money. This article lists 5 off-road add-ons you can just grab from the store and do yourself at home.


Skid Plate


Red Skid Plate


A skid plate is an important accessory made for off-roading and it is said to be the body armor of your truck. It blocks not only dust and dirt but even rocks and gravel to hit parts of the vehicle like the fuel tank and transfer box. It is good to invest in a skid plate because it is way cheaper than having an overhaul for a broken car. 

Hamer has a lot of choices for skid plates. Made from a high-quality steel plate and with just the perfect weight. More often than not, installing a skid plate is quite easy. You don’t have to drill as it is most often a bolt-on process only. It comes with kits and instructions on how to do it.


Basic Tools You May Need


  • Ring spanner

  • Clips fastener

  • Gloves

  • Impact wrench/ratchet

  • Others would be part of the kit that would come with the skip plate


Basic Steps In Replacing Skid Plate


  • Remove original clips and save them because you may need it

  • Remove original bolts and cover

  • Depending on your new skip plate, connect the new bolts onto the plate and attach it to the same place you took out the old cover. 

  • Always remember to tighten the bolts using tightening torques


Bull Bar


Front Hamer Bull Bar


The bull bar is also called a push bumper, which is usually made of well-built metal and is designed to safeguard the frontier of your truck from any form of accident or impact. This is an added value that you must include in your checklist when going on a drive on rough and unsealed roads. Bull bars not only secure the front of the wheels but also the passengers from any impact either from another car, or an animal.

It is also an added shield in road accidents at night like fallen trees that can’t be easily seen and serves as a mounting point to tie other useful stuff such as LED spotlights, driving lights and antennas. 

Installation of a bull bar would depend on your wheels and the kind of protection you need. In some cases, it can be challenging as you may need to cut the bumper bar and body panels of your car. You also need a pair of hands to help you out. But if you are a gearhead, it’s not impossible.


Basic Tools You May Need


  • Ring spanner

  • Clips fastener

  • Gloves

  • Impact wrench/ratchet

  • Drilling/cutting tools (if needed)

  • Others would be part of the kit


Basic Steps In Installing Bull Bar:


  • Remove the original bolts and nuts 

  • Remove the factory tow hooks if needed.

  • Install the hardware with the new bolts and nuts

  • Depending on your bull bar, you may have to do more like cutting or drilling. 

  • Adjust the bulbar to your liking

  • Always remember to tighten the bolts and nuts.


Roll Bar


Hamer Roll Bar


A roll bar is attached overhead for the protection of the passengers in case of a rollover as well as to help in balancing your truck in the course of a rigid turn. It is otherwise called an anti-roll or sway bar, a twisted spring bar. 

Installing a roll bar on your own can be challenging as you may need more tools, unlike the other accessories.


Basic Tools You May Need:


  • Screwdrivers

  • Spanners and socket sets

  • pop rivet guns and rivets

  • drilling tools / right angle drill

  • Others would be part of the kit


Basic Steps In Installing Roll Bar:


  • Position the bar and mark out where the bar sets to drill

  • Drill marked outs

  • Position the bar with the holes

  • Use bolts and nuts to tighten


Roller Lid


Auto Roller Lid


A roller lid is basically intended to cover your stuff in the cargo area. This will ensure that your things are safe from dirt, rocks, mud, and even when it rains. It gives you that sense of security that your things are not getting damaged or stolen. 

Although you will do a bit of drilling, the roller lid is easy to install. Have the manual handy to ensure that you install it properly with the right spacing and measurements before drilling. Always remember to keep the guide for proper usage.


Basic Tools You May Need:


  • Screwdrivers

  • Spanners and socket sets

  • pop rivet guns and rivets

  • drilling tools / right-angle drill

  • caulking gun

  • Others would be part of the kit 

Basic Steps In Installing Roller Lid:

  • Drill holes into the bed liner as indicated in the installation manual.

  • Install the front bar and bar panel

  • Assemble the side rail bracket through the holes

  • Use bolts and nuts to tighten

  • Apply silicone to seal

  • Install support bracket

  • Assemble all the parts together


Roof Rack


Either off-road or going on a trip, having so much space for storage is a plus. Adding a roof rack when modifying your truck will give you more space, especially for camping equipment or sporting gears. Just a reminder, always check the weight you carry as it may damage your 4wd if you carry more than what is required. 

Installing this is quick and easy as most automobiles have roof-side rails already installed or factory-installed. This is where you can attach the roof rack you choose to use as there are different types of roof racks out there. You can also clamp roof racks around the door frame. Unlike the other accessories, this does not require other tools as it comes with the tools needed as well as the instructions. 

Overall, if you check for Hamer 4wd off-road accessories, it can get overwhelming as are a lot in the market. But before doing any modification to your truck, consult a professional, do your homework, and consider the long-term benefits you can get. An all-terrain automobile does not only give you a great adventure, but it will also bring out your creativity in designing your own.

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