4×4 Rear Bumpers and Parking Sensors Compatibility

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There are plenty of options when it comes to 4wd accessories, but 4×4 rear bumpers should be in the must-have category. That’s because their main purpose is not just the aesthetic, but the back-end protection of the vehicle. More importantly, a rear bumper helps absorb some level of impact, therefore protecting the passengers in case of collision. As you consider which rear bumper to get for your truck, one of the most important questions to ask is: does it support the car’s original parking sensors.

Thanks to technology, the cars we drive nowadays are packed with sensors many of which we probably are not aware of existing. An average car can have up to 70 sensors from front to back, including the ones that support the engine.


What Happens When Rear Bumpers Are Not Compatible With My Car’s Sensors?


Some of the sensors placed on the rear area of the vehicle are known as parking sensors or reverse sensors. Cars have been around since the 1880s, but it took a hundred years until the 1980s when these safety devices were first introduced by Toyota. Most parking sensors have ultrasonic systems, meaning the sensors send out a sound wave and receive that sound wave back. These are also called proximity sensors as they measure the gap by using ultrasonic waves. These waves identify and calculate the distance between the vehicle and other objects.


The sensors make a beeping sound when they detect an object behind the car in close proximity. The sound serves as a warning so the driver could stop and park the car safely while avoiding hitting anything. The closer you are to the object detected, the more frequent the beep; and the farther your car is from the object, the less frequent the warning sounds are. If you are clear of the obstacle, it will stop beeping.

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vehicle sensors


By the 1990s, another type of parking sensors was introduced: electromagnetic system. The selling point for this type of sensor is that it does not have to be drilled in the car, hence preserving the body of the vehicle as it came out of the factory.


Whatever the type, car parking sensors are very useful especially for 4×4 vehicles with truck beds or SUVs that are long. Together with 4×4 rear bumpers, they give you an extra boost of confidence that an accident or crash can be avoided. Any dirt or debris may affect the detection capability of the sensor, so it is advisable to always ensure that it is always clean.


More importantly, rear bumpers that are not compatible with the car’s original sensors will obstruct these safety devices causing them to not function properly. In this case, you will need to buy extra parts such as mounting brackets, or you may need to purchase aftermarket sensors. That could be just another cost that’s not necessary when your truck is built-in with sensors already.


4×4 Rear Bumpers and Parking Sensors Should Always Go Hand-in-hand


All parking sensors are invaluable, because…


  • They make parking easier and worry-free of any accidental oversight.

  • They help you park in tight spaces without grazing or scratching your prized vehicle.

  • Car parking sensors at the back are of great use when parking at night or in a dark parking lot, ensuring you park safely and guiding you even in the dark.

  • They give you the ability to be precise even in circumstances with low visibility like inclement weather conditions. This will prevent any accident in case there is something you can barely see because of the rain or fog.

  • They alert the driver of any object in the blind spot of the car.

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That said, it is essential that your parking sensors are always working properly. If you think about it, the rear bumpers protect your car, and parking sensors protect your bumpers too by preventing collision in the first place.



Issues That May Arise From Faulty Parking Sensors


  • Car sensors may not be able to determine smaller objects that can still cause damage when hit.

  • Some original car sensors are expensive to replace.

  • Damaged car sensors may not be easy to repair.

  • Some manufacturers may ask you to replace the complete array of sensors and the wiring even if only one sensor is damaged.

  • Changing a damaged sensor may require your car to stay in the garage, taking the time you could have used for off-road trips.


Ultimately, it’s best to keep your car’s original parts and settings unless necessary or you think that the replacement is better. The sensors in your truck are like nerves in our body. They play a very important role in ensuring that the car is running smoothly and efficiently. That said, car sensors, including the parking sensors must be protected and preserved.


Hamer 4×4 Rear Bumpers Support Original Sensors


Our automobile experts at Hamer know importance of the built-in sensors in your 4wd truck. They meticulously design our products, including our 4×4 rear bumpers, to fit the vehicle perfectly.

Hamer 4×4 accessories come in different specs and design, but all of them  are fabricated to support the factory sensors.


Atlas series bull bar for ford raptor 2022
Atlas series bull bar for ford raptor 2022


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When you choose any of these Hamer rear bumpers, there is no need to purchase additional parts or alter your factory sensors. You can confirm this when you contact our dealers or make an enquiry on our contact page.

In one of our upcoming articles, we will talk about the different 4×4 rear bumpers in detail and give you a quick comparison, to help you decide which of them suits you. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook at HAMER4X4 to get the latest news and promotions!

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