4×4 Camping Accommodations 

4x4 car roof top tent

There is nothing more exciting than camping off the beaten path. You invested a lot of sweat and love in your 4×4, making it capable of reaching even the most secluded remote destinations. The journey there is only the beginning of the adventure; it’s now time to set up camp.

Whether you’re in the desert, mountains, or forest or indulging in the fresh ocean breeze of the coast, having the right camping equipment is essential. The right equipment and camping gear will be the ultimate deciding factor on how safe and comfortable your experience will be.

Your choice of camping accommodations will significantly impact what equipment and gear you will need to bring. Your choices will depend on how much space your rig has, and ultimately, the level of comfort you will have.

In this article, we will explore the various ways to camp and the pros and cons of each to determine what is best for your next adventure.


Type of Camping Accommodations 

Star Gazing with The Sleeping Bag 

Camping sleeping bag
There is nothing like sleeping under the stars. 
A temperature-rated sleeping bag is all you need for the adventurer who does not mind the elements and is looking for that primal connection to nature.

Simply place your sleeping bag by your campfire, and take in all the glory the night sky has to offer. This method is great for lighter barebone rigs and will give you more storage for other essential equipment.

However, for those who prefer protection from the elements, this method may not be best for you.

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  • Inexpensive cost

  • Easy to store

  • Connection to nature


  • No protection against the elements

  • Exposure to insects and animals


However, you can always sleep on the trunk of your 4WD truck to be safer. Even more safe if you have Hamer Cross Bars or Hamer Roof Tent Racks installed to your trunk then you can put a fly sheet to cover the trunk to protect you from the animals or rain.

Hammock with Net

a woman sleeps in the hammock with net

For the traveler who doesn’t mind swaying above ground, we recommend this hammock that meet every camper’s needs. It consist of three primary components: a hammock, a mosquito net, and a parasol. The mosqutio net prevents you from getting bitten when night falls. The parasol shelter you from harmful UV radiation and the parasol keeps you dry from sudden rain. Of course, you can also take down the parasol and use it as a ground mat. If you are traveling in your 4×4 vehicle, you can secure the hammock straps to the car’s roof rack and another anchor point. 


* Cost-effective

*Protection against the elements and insects

*Quick setup 



*Getting in and out may be challenging for some 


Ground Tent 

blue ground tent with 4x4 car
One of the simplest, cost-effective forms of camping is the time-tested ground tent. Modern tents are lightweight, easy to set up, and stored in small carry bags.

With modern technological advancements, tents have never been easier to set up and tear down and offer advanced weather protection that can keep you comfortable in most climates. 

As a quality tent will provide more protection than just a sleeping bag, you will not be completely immune to the elements; strong winds and heavy rain can still wreak havoc on your level of comfort. 

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  • Cost-effective

  • Protection against the elements and insects

  • Easy to store


  • Setup may be difficult in harsh weather conditions

Roof Top Tent

hamer roof top tent

For maximum protection against the elements, a rooftop tent is ideal.

Rooftop tents have been around for many years but have recently exploded in popularity for adventure lifestyles such as Overlanding. 

New technology and advancements are pushing the limits and possibilities, allowing 4×4 camping to reach more secluded, remote areas conveniently and comfortably. 

Roof top tents have many advantages, such as being self-contained, easy to set up and tear down, and provides excellent protection and comfort from the elements. 

When considering a rooftop tent, note that it can be expensive. Furthermore, they require hardware such as roof rails to securely attach the tent to your vehicle. 

Furthermore, you will need a ladder to access the tent and it may be challenging to get in and out, especially during the night for unexpected bathroom visits. 

Nevertheless, a rooftop tent can be a very worthwhile investment for those who are avid 4×4 campers. 


  • Superior protection against the elements, insects, and animals

  • Self-contained

  • Easy setup and tear down


  • Expensive

  • Heavy

  • Ladder may be challenging for some 

Hamer Roof Racks

lunar roof rack

Hamer products are leading the way in advancements and offer quality-made versatile rooftop tents that are made to perform in even the most challenging terrains and weather conditions. Click here to read more about Roof racks for Camping



For nature lovers, there is nothing like getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and taking in all beauty and elegance that nature has to offer.

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Avid campers know that our preferences and expectations are constantly evolving.

No matter which camping method you choose, every experience is a chance to grow. 

At the end of the day, there is no wrong or right way to camp; it’s about enjoying the experience.

As always, be safe, enjoy the journey and follow us on Facebook for the latest promotions: Hamer4x4

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