4×4 Accessories for ISUZU D-MAX 2020: Expert Picks

4x4 Accessories for ISUZU D-MAX 2020 Expert Picks

Are you ready to supercharge your ISUZU D-MAX 2020 for your next off-road adventure? Our team of experts has carefully curated a list of must-have accessories that will elevate your driving experience to new heights. We’ve got you covered, from enhancing your vehicle’s performance to optimizing its safety features. Explore the details below to discover how you can transform your ISUZU D-MAX 2020 into the ultimate off-road powerhouse.


Hamer bull bar prime series


Prime Series Plus Bull Bar

Rev up your ISUZU D-MAX 2020 for the ultimate off-road adventure with Hamer 4×4’s Prime Series Plus Bull Bar. A fusion of rugged strength and sleek style, this expertly chosen bull bar offers prime protection while transforming your ride into a formidable force. Engineered to handle rugged terrains and unexpected obstacles, it guarantees your vehicle conquers every challenge.


Exceptional Build:

Crafted from premium 3 mm steel, this bull bar stands strong. Its robust design encompasses emergency braking systems, winch installation support, and shackle mounting options. Integrated recovery points provide added confidence on the trail.


Versatile Illumination:

Illuminate your path with ease using the dedicated slot for a 20″ light bar, complemented by fog lights, dimmer lights, daytime running lights, and indicator lights. This versatile lighting setup enhances visibility and safety in various conditions.


Distinctive Style:

Beyond its protective features, the Prime Series Plus Bull Bar elevates aesthetics, enhancing your ISUZU D-MAX 2020’s appearance with a bold, aggressive stance that commands attention.


hamer king series


King Series Bull Bar

For those who demand the best in both performance and style, introducing the KING SERIES BULL BAR – the crowning jewel of off-road accessories. Meticulously engineered to endure the toughest challenges, this bull bar exudes regal sophistication for your ISUZU D-MAX 2020.


Built to Last:

Crafted from premium 3 mm steel, the KING SERIES BULL BAR embodies durability and protection. Its rugged design features emergency braking systems, winch installation support, a headlamp washer, and shackle mounting, ensuring you’re always ready for the journey ahead.


Personalized Touch:

Unleash your creativity with integrated mounting points for lights and accessories. Customize your ISUZU D-MAX 2020 to perfection, even relocating your front camera and enjoying a foldable number plate holder that conceals the winch hole.


See and Be Seen:

Illuminate your path with confidence using the KING SERIES BULL BAR’s 20″ light bar slot and extra LED Driving Light mounts. Fog lights, dimmer lights, daytime running lights, and indicator lights provide unparalleled clarity and style.


hamer bull bar atlas series


Atlas Series Bull Bar

Step into a world of enhanced safety and style with the Atlas Series Bull Bar. Engineered to perfection, this bull bar is meticulously designed to redefine your ISUZU D-MAX 2020 with unmatched durability and aesthetics.

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Built to Excel:

Crafted from premium 3 mm steel and steel tubes, the Atlas Series Bull Bar delivers exceptional front-end protection. Its robust construction includes winch installation support and shackle mounting, ensuring your vehicle is primed for any challenge.


Safety First:

Prioritize safety with ADR certification and airbag compliance. The Atlas Series Bull Bar features full LED lights, including 3-in-1 LEDs encompassing signal lights, dimmer lights, and daytime running lights. Fog lights and indicator lights further enhance visibility, ensuring your journey is both safe and stylish.


Exceptional Design:

With meticulous attention to detail, this bull bar boasts European E-Mark certified LED lighting systems for heightened daytime visibility. It’s not just a bull bar; it’s a testament to innovation and safety.


Winch Ready:

Prepared for action, the Atlas Series Bull Bar is winch compatible, equipped to handle up to 11,000 lbs of tensile force. Its high-quality steel and aluminum construction ensures durability and resilience.


Hamer rear bumper nova series


Nova Series Rear Bar

A harmonious blend of innovation and style designed to transform your ISUZU D-MAX 2020. Elevate your driving experience with a rear bar Nova series that redefines both form and function, providing you with the utmost in aesthetics and utility.


Illuminate and Shine:

Enhance your rear visibility with confidence through the integrated LED signals and reverse lamps. Enjoy the added assurance of two LED number plate lights that ensure your presence is unmistakable, day or night.


Streamlined Convenience:

Take your rear-end accessibility to the next level with integrated steps that seamlessly merge practicality and elegance.


Seamless Integration:

Experience flawless compatibility with all factory sensors. The Nova Series Rear Bar is engineered to accommodate existing technology seamlessly.


Tow with Power:

Unlock the potential to tow up to 3 tons effortlessly, supported by the robust foundation of the Nova Series Rear Bar’s 3-inch steel tube construction.


Signature of Quality:

Elevate your ISUZU D-MAX 2020’s identity with the distinguished touch of Hamer’s signature plates, a mark of superior craftsmanship and excellence.


Hamer rear bumper nova series plus


Nova Series Plus Rear Bumper

A symphony of innovation and design tailored to elevate your ISUZU D-MAX 2020. Crafted to perfection, this rear bar redefines the concept of style and utility, offering a seamless blend of form and function.


Illuminate with Confidence:

Navigate with assurance using the LED signals and reverse lamps, enhancing visibility and safety. Benefit from two LED number plate lights that ensure your presence is known, even in the darkest corners.


Factory Sensor Support:

Seamlessly maintain your vehicle’s functionality with full support for all factory sensors. The Nova Series Rear Bar ensures a harmonious integration of modern technology.


Unyielding Towing Power:

Empower your vehicle with the capability to tow up to 3 tons, thanks to the robust support of the Nova Series Rear Bar. Crafted from 3-inch steel tube, it’s a testament to strength and endurance.

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Signature Design:

The Nova Series Plus Rear Bar proudly showcases Hamer’s signature plates, a symbol of quality and distinction. Every detail is meticulously curated to provide an experience that’s both functional and elegant.



With support for sonar technology, the Nova Series Rear Bar further enriches your driving experience by enhancing safety and awareness.


Versatile Utility:

Embrace versatility with a hi-lift jacking point, a feature that adds an extra layer of convenience to your off-road adventures.


Hamer victor series roll bar


Victor Series Roll Bar

Roll bar victor series crafted with precision and expertise, this Victor roll bar not only adds an impressive visual element to your vehicle but also reinforces its structural integrity.


Striking Design:

The Victor Series Roll Bar boasts a meticulously crafted design that seamlessly fits the contours of your vehicle’s body. This design upgrade elevates your car’s appearance, projecting an aura of confidence and strength on the road.


Unwavering Safety:

Built with durability in mind, the roll bar is constructed using premium 3 mm thick folding steel. This robust material ensures that safety takes center stage in every journey you embark upon.


Enhanced Durability:

The roll bar is further fortified through a specialized powder-coated painting process. This treatment sets it apart from conventional paint systems, providing exceptional resistance against wear and tear, ensuring the roll bar’s longevity.


Functional Brilliance:

Adding both safety and style, the Victor Series Roll Bar offers an optional LED 3rd brake light. This thoughtful addition enhances visibility, especially during sudden stops, contributing to a safer driving experience.


Illuminating Performance:

Navigate through darkness with confidence using the roll bar’s two 8-watt spotlights. These powerful lights offer enhanced visibility, lighting up your path and ensuring a secure journey.


Signature of Quality:

Hamer’s logo signature is proudly displayed on the roll bar, serving as a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and trustworthiness that Hamer 4×4 stands for.


Effortless Installation:

Worried about complicated installation processes? Fret not. The Victor Series Roll Bar can be effortlessly installed using existing holes, eliminating the need for any drilling and streamlining the setup.


hamer side steps




Stylish Precision:

The Vision Series Side Steps are thoughtfully crafted to flawlessly match the contours of any vehicle. With a sleek and stylish design, these side steps redefine the concept of automotive elegance.


Uncompromising Strength:

Crafted from durable 50.8 mm steel pipe, these side steps are firmly anchored to your vehicle. This robust construction guarantees the utmost sturdiness, offering you reliable support whenever you step in or out of your vehicle.

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Enhanced Traction:

The pedal compartment features a fin pattern, designed to prevent slipping and unexpected accidents. Your safety is paramount, and these side steps firmly hold your shoes, ensuring every step is secure.


Durability Defined:

A special POWDER COATED system provides an additional layer of durability to the side steps. This treatment goes beyond conventional paint systems, ensuring your side steps withstand the test of time and the elements.


Functional Design:

The sieve pattern design prevents soil and debris accumulation, maintaining the side steps’ clean appearance. Additionally, a cool and unique Hamer Signature logo pattern adds a distinctive touch to your vehicle.


hamer4x4 Auto Roller Lid for ISUZU D-MAX 2020


Auto Roller Lid

A game-changer in truck bed convenience and style. Experience a new dimension of accessibility, all wrapped in a sleek and refined design. Whether you’re loading up for outdoor adventures or handling daily errands, the Auto Roller Lid takes charge, safeguarding your cargo with utmost security.


Crafted for Modern Lifestyles:

Meet the HAMER AUTO ROLLER LID, thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with ISUZU D-MAX 2020+. This versatile addition caters to your diverse lifestyle. Control is at your fingertips with a wireless remote and a robust clamping security system. Manage it effortlessly through the mobile app on your smartphone. Crafted from high-quality aluminium, it’s engineered to endure.





In closing, the world of off-road exploration and vehicle enhancement is at your fingertips with Hamer 4×4’s exceptional range of accessories. From the bold and protective Prime Series Plus Bull Bar to the regal and robust King Series Bull Bar, our offerings ensure that your ISUZU D-MAX 2020 is equipped for every adventure. The Atlas Series Bull Bar epitomizes durability and style, while the Nova Series Rear Bar seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics.

Elevate your vehicle’s accessibility with the Vision Series Side Steps and experience unrivaled convenience with the Auto Roller Lid. These accessories, meticulously designed and expertly crafted, redefine what’s possible on and off the road. Each piece, including the Victor Series Roll Bar, is a testament to our commitment to innovation, style, and quality.

Explore the wide array of premium accessories at www.hamer4x4.com  or Facebook Page and embark on a journey of transformation for your ISUZU D-MAX 2020. With Hamer 4×4, you’re not just upgrading your vehicle – you’re enhancing your entire off-road experience. Trust in Hamer 4×4’s legacy of excellence and choose a future of unparalleled exploration and adventure.

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